View Full Version : LFG for Online game session.

10-17-2012, 10:39 AM
Hey all

My name is Nick and i am from Greece(GMT+2),i am currenty looking for a group that will like a new player.I an intrested mostly in pathfinder games.but i am open for any other system(dnd 3.5,vampire,mage,hunter,CoC)

I've been playing DnD for 15 years untill 4th came out,which was the time i called it quits.

Now i play pathfinder games both as a player and as Gm but the online part is unknown to me.I would like to find a group as a player initially to get familiar with the ways of the the online games and then maybe gm some myslef.

i am free mostly all afternoons except Thursday which is my live pathfinder game.(currently Gming Way of the wicked on book 2)

As i menthioned before i would like to play mostly pathfinder because this is the game my group plays the most hence i am familiar with.Though I am intrested in all other games but i have little or no experience playing them exept for the ones i mentioned above(vampire,mage,hunter,CoC) which i have played a handfull of games.

If anyone wants to talk about any details online send my your skype name in PM and i ll get back at you asap.

Thank you all.