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The Amazing Mr.X
10-01-2012, 06:57 PM
Hello folks, I represent two totally new players who are looking to cut their teeth with tabletop RPGs.

What are we?

Really bored for starters. We've been digging through forums for about a week trying to find a Pathfinder game that was of appropriate level (that is to say, about three levels lower than a brick).
While we've never played before, we're enthusiastic, somewhat better prepared than not at all, and my chum has been told he has nice legs.
We've also been very involved in a number of different forms of roleplay over the years so you can be assured that we wont just stand there with a thousand tile stare when someone asks us our name.
We've even been reading up on the rules for Pathfinder so we have a basic understanding of how things work (dice are involved, right?) We've even managed to eke out a couple of character sheets and
won't need to be coaxed through that.

What are we looking for?

An online Pathfinder game, preferably fantasy, form the beginning. Also a group that can tolerate a couple of scrubs. Barring any unforeseen conflicts, we're willing to use just about any programs the GM would want.
We can show just about any day of the week, though likely only in the evening (EST).

That's it. That's my pitch. Thanks for your time. If you are a kind enough soul to give us a shot, feel free to PM me or post.

Also, just to make clear: This is NOT a campaign. We are NOT advertising a game.

04-06-2013, 04:33 PM
Dear Mr. Amazing,

I found your post both amusing and honest though perhaps a little self deprecating. Now that I have made myself sound like one really smart guy lets discuss the game. I am part of a 6 person group of old grumpy men who are very set in our ways. We play how we play and are always looking for new blood to add to the group. We really don't care how much you know or don't know about Pathfinder. Here are the important parts:

1. We play online every Wednesday from 9PM - 11PM and you need to show up every week. Its not a lot of time because we have real jobs, real lives, and real kids that take up too much time.
2. You need some manner of stable employment so you can afford your technology and you aren't changing jobs that affect your ability to show up and play.
3. Your significant other understands that every Wednesday from 9PM - 11PM is OUR time and she or he or it needs to wait until after 11PM to ***** about your playing.
4. You take the game seriously and you play to win. No ****ed up characters, and excuses for stupid decisions in order to properly role play a character. We all played sports, drank too much, and had gratuitous sex in college. We do not speak with phony accents, dream about being a knight, or try to change the color of a traffic light by using the force.

That's my pitch. I thank you for your time as well. If you are a brave enough soul to give us a shot, feel free to respond.

Also, just to make clear: This IS a campaign, we just started a new one so its a great time to jump in.

Either way, great post, I thoroughly enjoyed it ;)