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09-30-2012, 10:40 AM

This is a role-playing campaign based on mythology in a historical timeline and story set in the ancient lands of Europe, northern Africa and western Asia in the time period c. 800 BC.

It involves adventure and exploration in the mythological world of the Hellenic lands (Greek civilization), Hesperia (Italy/Spain), Sicania (Sicily), Anatolia (Asia Minor), Cimmeria, the Assyrian and Babylonian Empire, the Kingdom of Van, Phoenicia, the Semitic lands in the Middle East, Egypt, Kush, and the lands of the Celts, Teutons (pre-Norse), Finns, Slavs and Balts.

This setting is very different than a medieval setting (the standard setting used in D&D) and involves a lower level of technology. However, historians have attributed a higher level of knowledge during ancient times than during the Dark Ages or the Medieval Ages.

The campaign takes the viewpoint of a person living during ancient times and uses mythology to introduce magic and related fantasy elements existing in a standard D&D campaign.

Rule changes are based on the mythological aspect of the world and historical accuracy as best as possible. Most of the core races and classes exist with changes based on their mythological counterparts of the time period. The rules system used is a hybrid of 3.5 D&D with some 4e D&D rules and house rules.

There is an age requirement of 21 years old for this campaign:

This is a mature content game. Topics such as war, plague, discrimination, torture, slavery, pillaging and raping are encountered. The moral views of ancient people are not the same as modern people. One civilization considers another barbaric, while the supposedly barbaric civilization believes the opposite. Discrimination is rampart to the point of causing war and internal strife. Laws are non-existent to self-serving for the rulers of the land you are in and depend on the land you are from, your sex or even the color of your skin. Some rulers believe themselves to be gods or godlike and wield absolute power.

If you’re morally apprehensive of the above, if you are not interested in role-playing in such an atmosphere, if you are only interested in how powerful your character can become or obtaining the best magic item in the DMG . . . this campaign is not for you.

If you can role-play your character morally accepting things you would not accept in your real life, complying with political rulers that believe themselves to be gods to survive, losing everything, including your dignity, only to persevere, as well as enjoy a mythological setting, then this campaign could be for you.

My experience:

I have run campaigns in 1st ed. AD&D, 2nd ed. AD&D, 3.5 ed. D&D and 4e D&D for well over 20 years. I have also run several adventures at Gen-Con and I-Con, as well as won awards playing RPGA and non-RPGA events.

The campaign will run monthly on a Saturday of each month starting at about 1 PM. The schedule is flexible and dependant on the players’ schedules. The only requirement being Saturday. The location of the game is in Old Bridge, NJ, close to the NYC metro area. Accessible by NJT bus #139 from the Port Authority or by driving. Parking is not a problem. There will be an introduction session, involving the rule system, an explanation and view of the campaign world and creation of characters prior to starting the campaign.

I require meeting anyone interested in person, obtaining an idea of their gaming experience and interest in the campaign, as well as confirming their availability for Saturday gaming sessions. You must make at least a 6 month commitment to remain and play in the campaign due to the time and effort I will be putting in to evolve a campaign around the characters. Miniatures and other gaming aids can be used in the campaign. Food and drink can be brought or ordered and eaten at the game sessions.


You may use non-core rulebooks subject to my review and approval.
You may not use metal dice or metal miniatures without felt pads or plastic stands.
You may not be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at a game session.
You must make a diligent effort to show up for scheduled sessions and on time.
You must provide a phone number and e-mail address for contact purposes.

For more information please contact Fabio at shadowfax7@optonline.net

11-18-2012, 05:14 PM
I am looking for 1 more player for this campaign.

Please e-mail shadowfax7@optonline.net, if interested.

01-16-2013, 11:23 AM
I am still looking for 1 more player for this campaign.

Please e-mail shadowfax7@optonline.net (shadowfax7@optonline.net), if interested.