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09-29-2012, 07:49 PM
"Edinburgh is a mad god's dream."
-- Hugh McDiarmid

Scotland, and most of the world, is locked in the grip of an economic downturn. Society is quietly shaken by escalated international tensions over arms races, and increasing cultural clashes between differing races, creeds and religions. Suicide and unemployment rates are up, marriage and birthrates are down, and the general feeling reported through myriad media outlets promotes a bleak outlook of despair. Quality of life regressed from its peak with blame seeded in mutated pathogens causing widespread outbreaks of illness, global warming, dramatic increases in violent crimes, and every tumble and turn of a jittery stock market. No one has answers, only accusations.

Edinburgh is a city on the brink. The great artistic capital of the north, settled upon seven hills, is the epicenter for something of unmeasured scientific and mystical significance. Its powerful Consilium, controlling the mystical heart of Britain, approaches a pivotal moment in history. Upheaval in the Supernal Realms sends ripples through the Fallen World. Decades of stagnation creates an atmosphere of complacency between renown mages and entrenched Seers. The status quo cannot hold against enormous external and internal pressures. Everything the Awakened know about the world is going to change. Revelations: Edinburgh is an nWoD game based on Mage: the Awakening.

tex-mux.mmlx.us port 8888

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