View Full Version : [Stars Without Number] Xenobeasts!

Mark Chance
09-23-2012, 02:51 PM
Xenobeasts for Stars Without Number have been sighted. Approach with caution.

Adharan Ghost Moth (http://spesmagna.com/archives/1193)
Castoran Salt Worm (http://spesmagna.com/archives/1199)
Denebian Ripper (http://spesmagna.com/archives/1207)
Elanoran Tailbiter (http://spesmagna.com/archives/1211)

Mark Chance
09-29-2012, 09:18 AM
Tiamat's Throne (http://spesmagna.com/archives/1217)

Excerpts from my first non-Pathfinder project, Tiamat’s Throne, a sci-fi/fantasy setting using the Stars Without Number core rules.