View Full Version : PDX Shadowrun game seeking one more player

jade von delioch
09-22-2012, 08:00 PM
Hello, I have a small group that has just started a 3rd edition Shadowrun game and we are looking to get a least one more player to join us. We will be playing from 12-4 or 5 on every other Sunday. Noobs are welcomed to join as well.

The story so far is that the runners each meet someone in a normal situation and soon afterwards they awake to find themselves in a fog cloaked town in Massachusetts in the UCAS. So far the town seems deserted except for a few ghouls that they have run into. So right now they are trying to find two things: 1) What the frak is going on, and 2) What Slot stuck them here or how did they end up here.

Basically the game is a good mix of Silent hill Meets Shadowrun..