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In the miserable desert on the continent of Hajinaga anything can be had for a price. And anything can be turned into a betting sport. No one cares about the arena's anymore though. They are a copper a dozen. The newest entertainment for the ruthless lords hereabout is the hunt. It takes hard men and women to hunt the rare and odd creatures that inhabit this desert wasteland. Of course it goes without saying that seeing those brave hunters get eaten and mauled is quite the entertaining "sport." Eternal glory is to be had in taking part of the hunt. Hunters can be made rich and famous, or dead and forgotten. Which will you be?

1. The game being run is Dungeons and Dragons V3.5
2. The setting is described in detail below.
3. I am looking for 3-4 players.
4. The gaming medium will be Skype, I expect qualified players this game will not be for beginners so a working knowledge of mechanics and game play is an essential quality for this campaign.
5. The starting level is level one.
6. Maximum starting funds based on the class being played.
7. The only books/classes I outright refuse to use are psionics. I am also not very fond of homebrew classes that are obviously not well thought out and overpowered. If you feel you have a real homebrew alternative class that is well balanced feel free to pitch it to me and I will make a fair judgement. Also, Vow of Poverty should be destroyed by flying monkeys flinging flaming coconuts of howling death, do not ask me to use it.
8. The races available through the standard texts that do not have a level adjustment are allowed. I will allow races with a level adjustment of +1 after a pre-approval to veto some of the more foolish choices.
9. I use a point buy system for statistics that can be found in the DMG (Dungeon Masters Guide.) 32 points are allotted for this.
10. I will be using and monitoring your characters alignment. I do not particularly care what you choose as your alignment just be aware that you must actively portray that alignment or I will force change it based on how your character actually performs.
11. Multi-classing is a slippery slope that not many can manage. Beware your choices.
12. Players will be making their own attack rolls and at key points appropriate skill checks.
13. The only simple homebrew style rule that I use is that things are not perfectly matching what you may have read in a book. Just because the Monster Manual says a goblin has four hit points does not mean you won't run into goblins with fifteen hit points. It's my decision don't question the simple things.
14. A character background story not necessarily tied to a certain locale or starting point that explains at least the characters basic motivation and goals will be rewarded with a premium starting item. For example a masterwork weapon or perhaps a bonus amount of gold.
15. The balance of Roleplay to combat will be about 70/30 in favor of combat/problem solving situations as I see most puzzle solving and such usually occurs while in a "dungeon" setting.
16. As a final reminder of content control. Please, make a decently balanced character that is not a one trick pony or your character will die. I am not a care bear DM. I will bend my will to giving you a very engaging story and there will be multiple options to solve most situations. However, should poor choices be consistently made I will have no compunctions about hacking a foolish character into troll food.

The possible days for playing will be either tues/wed/thurs after/starting at 7 PM or anytime saturday, and on sunday anytime before 8 PM. (Central Standard Time.)

The campaign setting itself is a custom world and theme. The standard deities from the PHB will be used. It also contains custom creatures and terrains as well as everything else that comes with a world. I have compiled a listing of the most pertinent of these things that will be encountered or would be common knowledge and will be providing the chosen players with a link to that information.

Again this campaign is not for beginners so please if you are interested in joining be a well rounded typist so that for key moments when you are truly wanting to express something in detailed text you won't be slaying everyone's eye balls with typos and no punctuation. I realize that no one is perfect in this regard including myself but I have seen a few truly horrible attempts at writing in the English language. The bulk of the action pieces of the game will be done via voice chat so a mic is required. The Roleplay portions I will encourage to be done more with text as it allows for greater expression in my opinion.

Feel free to direct any extra questions my way. Preferably via PM if it does not affect the overall party. Also send me a PM if you are interested and would like to get my Skype information to ask some questions.

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Just a refresh. Still looking for two players.