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09-22-2012, 02:25 PM
We are a regular tabletop rpg group that plays on Sundays from 1-7pm at my place in Huffman. I am a GM and player of 32 years and have published a game or two. We recently lost a couple of players to school, etc. and would like to replace them and start a new campaign.

We play just about anything old and new, including plenty of board and card games. Some good examples would be 7th Sea, Gamma World, Toon, Gurps, Warhammer, Paranoia, Superheroes, Junta, Runebound, RoboRally, Talisman, Shogun, Illuminati, Nuke War, Family Biz, etc. etc.

We have 2 GMs but it would be nice to add another. Oh and we also bathe and go outside once in a while ;)