View Full Version : After the End: All Roads Lead to Denton

09-20-2012, 06:17 PM
Walking the wasteland, either as a ex-frozen person from this age, a Bunker dwelling exile, or a native of the scoured earth, this post apocalypse game involves survival in a harsh world of dangers, mutants, barbaric humans, bad politcs and other freaks of nature. each of the players begins as an escapee from a strange and ramshackle lab, each branded with strange numbers, and while you have the evidence of horrible proccedures, like scars, you have no idea what happend to you. How will you survive in this new and frightening world? what happend to you? and how do the local atrocities and recreationist play into this?

We are a long running group that is 50/50 rp/combat, though we err on the side of gaming. For this game we are using D20 Modern/Apocolypse with a few other books as source material. We are looking for someone who adds to the party not just a warm body but someone willing to play and play well with others. We meet weekly at my apt in Oakland, near 19th street station.

If you are interested or had any questions, please drop me a note.