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Generic Gamer
09-19-2012, 11:56 AM
Looking for, or possibly to run, a Necropolis 2350 campaign. If I do run one it would involve as much RP as we could squeese in to spite it being a "military based" campaign. I could also run "Realms of Cthulhu" or incorperate it into a Weird Wars based game as well (I am looking at you Necropolis 2350). I am also up for the same with any Weird War settings to include "Day After Ragnarok".

Below is some info pertaining to the setting. In the second post I will put a timeline.

The year is 2350.
Knights of the militant Sacri Ordines of the Third Reformation Church are locked in a bitter crusade against the Rephaim (“the dead ones”), a race of evil beings who wield necromantic powers and possess a desire to exterminate all life.

The place is Salus—more popularly called Necropolis—the only habitable world left to mankind since the destruction of Earth in 2319.

Divided between the Third Reformation Church, the Union of Corporations, and the Rephaim, the inhabitants of Necropolis are locked in a struggle for supremacy. Lives are not the only thing at stake—humanity’s very existence hangs in the balance.

If the Rephaim win, humanity’s light will forever disappear from the universe. Should humanity succeed in overcoming the tide of darkness, it can begin to rebuild its former might, perhaps again reaching out into the void to find new worlds on which to prosper and multiply.

The war against the supernatural in Necropolis is overt—the common people know about the Rephaim, at least the more common varieties. Church media frequently portrays battles between holy Knights and Rephaim, and images of walking corpses are considered terrifying, but not unusual. A popular poster shows a Knight with sword raised standing atop a pile of Rephaim corpses.

Few citizens have ever encountered a Rephaim, but the forces of darkness are encroaching further into human territory each day.