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09-15-2012, 05:15 PM
A Saturday Morning gaming group 11AM-5PM, currently we consist of a GM(Myself), and one player, with potential 1-2 others when I let them know the game will be starting. I am currently running a custom modified setting based off of Jovian Chronicles, using a modified Silhouette Rules sert

Solarem Actum 2312 is a game taking place within the Solar System, humanity has colonized the Solar System mostly out to Jupiter. The players of the group are part of a rogue spacefaring warship that has been doing Piracy for over 15 years, though the player character's can come from different more recent background and would need some reason to join criminal elements. The players of the game are pilots, when joining the Player's ship, have a reason to become a combat pilot.

Each planet, with the exception of Earth, out to Jupiter are a separate faction. Mercury is mostly a Merchant faction, Venus is very corporate and currently inwardly focused on Terraforming efforts and solar trade Earth is divided into a mix of factions, the largest and most prominent being the Central Earth Government and Administration. Mars is united under the Mars Free Republic, in the belt there is the Belt Nomad clans, along with the Republic of Veritas, a small faction based on outer solar trade and being a tourist post. Jupiter is a faction that reminds me a bit of the United States or Canada.

For any questions, leave comments, or email me at Teltheran at gmail dot com

I may also be changing the basis of the game and instead of Pirates, having it be Earth Based Mercenary Style Unit at the start, a PMC of sorts.

09-22-2012, 02:35 PM
Edited the first post to change a bit of information and add to it. For any who may be interested in a Saturday Morning game in Southern NH