View Full Version : Southern California Man. The Most Epic Man Of Epic Epicness. A Renaissance Gamer!!

09-10-2012, 04:08 PM
Well. Not really but close enough ;-).

Pathfinder, GURPS, D&D (But why when you have Pathfinder :-D) Mechworrior, Shadowrun, Whitewolf etc etc.

As I approach lvl 30 (Birthday is in November) I realize that I've been a hardcore member of the Tabletop Multiverse for over 14 years.

I am Married, working and am interested in Players or currently existing groups that are down for the good stuff, RPG's.

My zip is 92880 as my profile will tell you. Drop me a line. I GM quite well (Medieval fantasy rly) and I play even better.

What say you?