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09-06-2012, 07:50 PM
Welcome to the planet of Alorath where mass lands of magic,divine creatures, and majestic civilizations thrive. In the specific area ofthe planet lies a new land that has slowly attracted many races and created asmall history urging to present itself. The Lands of Bavidirian now ruled bythe Alliance of Dwarves, Elves, and Humans sworn oath to keep the lands safefrom any imposing threat.
In the meantime, the underworld is at war with Dark Elvesand Demons! The war has brought an end to the dark elf civilization oustingthem to live on the surface lands. It wonít be long until the Alliance and allthat can join will have to fend off a threat bigger than any war the Gods havefought.
You an adventurer, young innocent, and full of curiositylive in this day and age where farmers become heroes and pilgrims become greatmagic wielders! Can you survive these lands and will you have the courage toface a threat bigger than life itselfÖ.the mass armies of the Demon Hordes ofMorashitar!
Are you a roleplayer that hasnít limited time but would loveto be part of something fascinating? If so, I may just have the solution foryou. This homebrew (15 years in the making) roleplaying game only requires youto answer three questions to create your character sheet, 15 minutes of yourtime per week to issue 10 commands to your adventurer to keep him or her busyand if desired some writing savvy to record the events your adventurer hasexperienced in a journal.
Sounds too easy to be true right! Well donít keep your hopesto high! You still need to take care of your adventurer each and every week. Heor she can be poisoned, diseased, cursed, or just to weak from a lost of toomany battles. In this world he or she can get married, have siblings, own ahouse to rent out, own businesses, go on high sea adventures to daring dungeonexplorations. He or she can also apply for work at the magistrate and earn ahard working salary also!
Whatever you choose, your adventurer is waiting for you toguide him/her in the Lands of Bavidirian!
What is 15 minutes a week? It is nothing and you can stillenjoy other games on the internet if you wish!
Donít wait too long to decide! Limited roleplayer openingsare available for this game! Visit us at www.greendragonadventures.webs.com (http://www.greendragonadventures.webs.com)

I hope to see you soon!