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09-03-2012, 02:22 PM
Here is my post-game writings on the few adventures my group had (before above-table drama between a few players essentially killed not only that game, but any potential for that group to ever play again :mad:). I just wanted to put it up as some sort of inspiration for other GMs. Also, I run a gaming club for my students at school and they want to play a Supers! campaign, so all hope is not lost on that front.

Anyhow, without further ado:

The Praetorians!

World -

Earth (Primus)

Time -

Modern day

Place -

San Alvario, California - Population: 3,700,000

Notable Setting Elements -

San Alvario is the Western point of the contiguous United States due to additional construction on the coast similar to Japan. Because of this it is also named Edge City.

It has only had one major hero team in its history, The Liberty Brigade, back in the late 70s during the rise of vigilantes, metahumans, and the decay of traditional police forces due to shrinking budgets and new threats that were difficult to combat on a large scale. The Liberty Brigade achieved some fame as one of the only West Coast Superhero teams to last for more than a few years. They eventually disbanded in the mid 90s due to age and deaths in the group.

Hero teams, similar to sports teams, vary from city to city. Some cities have multiples, some have none at all. On the East Coast it is much more common not only to have active hero teams, but to have city-sanctioned hero teams. In addition there have been a number of groups who have gained international notoriety. The West Coast, even in its heyday, never achieved anything near that sort of recognition.

San Alvario Police Department

S.A.P.D. Members -

Chief Ethan Harris -

A moustachioed, cigar-chomping, hard working police veteran who has been serving the people of San Alvario for 18 years now as their chief of police. He is a good man, but in order to maintain the peace when faced with so many varied threats to public order and constantly shrinking funds and manpower, he has become a hard-liner out of necessity

Detective Michols -

S.A.P.D.'s head narcotics officer. Constantly overworked trying to combat the high influx of drugs through Edge City's port. He is a good cop with a sarcastic sense of humor, but his hair is already graying from the stress of his job.

Officer Mack Carlton -

A black and white officer who has been on the force long enough to earn his keep, but yet to really do anything significant. He and his wife Melissa are expecting a baby girl soon. Often pulls guard duty in the Pit.

Aspects -

The Department possesses some power nullifying shackles and a small selection of specialized weaponry on loan from the D.M.A.

The precinct house is located on the outskirts of the governmental district.

A nearby lot has had a large portion dug out and a small structure built in the center. Nicknamed The Pit, it is able to contain half a dozen metahuman prisoners and an on-duty officer, surrounded by floodlights and watchtowers. While not anything like the high-security prisons such as Lockdown and Fort Campbell further north, it is sufficiently secure to hold villains until D.M.A. can have them safely shipped out.

The Department of Metahuman Affairs or D.M.A.

A far-reaching organization that handles everything from metahuman legislation to enforcement and containment. Though the Department's founding goal was to "Foster strong connections and peaceful cooperation between the metahuman population and civil society", like many government organizations its power, purview, and size have vastly expanded after almost forty years of operation.

While many of the resources it uses to combat and/or capture metahumans is unknown (either due to lack of use or direct cover-up to avoid investigation), the D.M.A. does keep extensive records on metahuman activity in the United States and abroad. It has pioneered power-nullifying technology and broken ground in creating numerous devices which aid local law enforcement in containment of their villainous population.

The D.M.A. regularly updates a handbook on Metahuman law enforcement and provides this, in addition to other resources, to cities across the country. It is also responsible for transporting long-term prisoners to maximum security facilities.

As there has yet to be a case where major super villainy has not be countered by heroes, the D.M.A. has never been directly involved in any large-scale conflict with metahumans. However, it is rumored that they employ a number of smaller organizations and train them regularly to face perceived threats. The names, composition, and M.O. of these groups is unknown at this time.

Jive Professor
09-03-2012, 02:30 PM
The Praetorians

Our heroes, a group who have become close allies and have decided that it's time for a new force for good to rise up in San Alvario. Descriptions from the players themselves.

Aleksander Grodus a.k.a Legion

Aleksander plain clothes –


Legion –


Origin -

born to an evil warlord king in another dimension, i was raised to be his heir.
embracing my training at a young age i strove to impress my father.
he however was always disappointed with my overall good nature. he thought me weak and unfitting to take his place.
as a young adult he had me accompany him on a conquest of a rival kingdom.
in an attempt to change my spirit and force me to "grow up" he ordered me to slay some innocents.
i couldnt bring myself to do it and refused.
in a fit of rage i was banished to earth along with my personal goblin attendants and bodyguards. my father thought i had corrupted all those close to me and deemed them all as useless as i.

i slummed it a for a while on the streets and beaches of california and acclimated myself to my new surroundings. i adopted the human name of Aleksader Grodus and tried to fit in.
luckily, my cohorts are quite well adapted to surviving and it wasnt long before we were doing quite well by normal human standards.
one day i had a stroke of genius and decided to start making horror movies. i soon gathered quite the cult following amongst B movie aficionados who loved my unbelievably realistic looking monsters!

appreciating my good fortunes i decided to do more with my life on this new strange world than make cheap entertainment.
i donned my native armor and set out to the streets to fight for the weak and defend the helpless against murderers and tyrants like my father.
the difference in atmosphere from my home dimension to earths resulted in enhanced speed, strength, and senses.
i also retained some of my inherent teleporting abilities that belonged to my race.
hopefully as time passes ill be able to strengthen my ability and regain some of my lost powers.

unfortunately the appearance of my friends and i terrify the general public and the media has portrayed me as some kind of villain. they have named me "legion" because the humans think my horde of goblins to be some kind of demons.
so now my minions stay in hiding and i only summon them in times of need, but ive kept the name and am now trying to prove my - OUR worth.

the irony - in my home world i was thought to be too GOOD. here im thought to be EVIL.

Stats -

composure - 2d, fortitude - 2d, reaction - 3d, will - 2d

athleticism - 2d
fighting - 2d
presence - 2d
all others - 1d

summoning - 4d
armor - 2d +1d complication (device - actual suit of armor)
super leap - 1d
super speed - 1d (running)
super strength - 1d
super senses - 1d (distant vision - 1d, heightened scent - 1d)
regeneration - 1d
teleportation - 1d

companion x2 - Stitch and Stink
hideout - pocket dimension i found where my goblins and i can lay low

disreputable - public fears and misunderstands my "hero side"
outsider - havent been on this dimension/planet very long. this new world still confuses me at times.

-- companions --
[2d resistance/4d powers/1d aptitude]

---- Stitch ----
composure - 1d, fortitude - 2d, reaction - 2d, will - 1d

medical - 2d
all others - 1d

healing - 2d
paralysis - 2d

---- Stink ----
composure - 1d, fortitude - 2d, reaction - 2d, will - 1d

fighting - 2d
all others - 1d

armor - 2d
power steal - 2d

Detective Caiphas Cross a.k.a. Templar

Templar –


Origin -

Caiphas was raised by his grandfather, Solomon Cross, who constantly regailed him with heroic legends of knightly valor. These tales encompassed many cultures and warrior traditions, but above all he told tales of medieval knights like the historic Templars, St. George, and even the classic Arthurian legends. Caiphas always thirsted for more knowledge of such brave and noble warriors, but when he pressed his grandfather for more, the elder man said:

"I can't just tell you EVERYTHING, boy. Some things a man must discover for himself. Your name does mean 'seeker', after all. Names have far more power than you might think, but that's not important right now..."

Whether he was inspired by the stories, or was just naturally protective, Caiphas has always been willing to risk his life for others. At the age of 12, he nearly drowned saving the life of a friend. During his term in the Marines, he shielded his squadmates from an accidental activation of a demolition charge. Later on as a patrolman, he covered a child from gang crossfire. All three times he was clinically dead, yet recovered. (Although the last incident has given him a permanent limp, and is a source of immense pain on a daily basis.)

When Solomon passed away, he left to Caiphas his medallion of a red cross, a cryptic letter, and a plane ticket to England. Through a series of events too long to detail here, he puzzled his way across Europe until he discovered that his grandfather was Grand Master of a secret society called The Order, and they had a special purpose for him.

They had been waiting for someone who they called the Thrice Martyred, who would join The Order and accept both a powerful gift and a solemn duty. He accepted. An ancient ritual was performed involving the Medallion of Saint George (left by Solomon) and The Holy Grail (found by the real King Arthur, and more ancient than anyone can guess). This ritual imbued Caiphas' very soul with the Mantle of Martyrdom, which manifests as an armor (appropriate to the bearer) with powers meant to protect the weak and innocent.

So in times of need, Detective Cross can activate the Mantle to become Templar, defender of the innocent and seeker of justice.

Stats -


Composure 3d
Reaction 2d
Fortitude 2d
Will 3d

Shooting 2d
Investigation 2d
Presence 2d
All Others 1d

Powers: (Most powers require the Amulet of St. George to focus, noted by complication. Healing power only heals others and hurts myself. Regen is only natural manifestation of the Mantle.)

3d armor + 1d tough defence + 1d complication device(artifact)

3d strength + 1d complication device(artifact)

2d flight + 1d complication device(artifact)

1d healing + 1d complication debilitating(fortitude) + 1d complication circumstance (only heal others)

1d regen

Allies- The Order (Secret society protecting the world from great evils. Covertly founded such organizations as the Templars and the Red Cross, among many other things.)

Enemies- Cult of the Dragon (Seek to resurrect/summon the dragons defeated long ago by Saint George and The Order.)

Maximillian Edward Grant a.k.a. Magus

Maximillian Edward Grant plain clothes –


Magus –


Origin -

Maximillion Edward Grant, the third of that name in his family’s long history, was an average teenager in the New England area. Well, as average as an emotionally scarred, orphaned bookworm with a trust fund can be at thirteen. His parents had died five years earlier, and he still hadn't managed to make peace with it. He’d read through almost everything in his small local library, and had ducked in one afternoon seeking to avoid some bullies and find something new to read, when he came across a dusty tome in the reference section that he knew had not been there before. The spine had no title, the binding was leather, and the pages were so aged as to be fragile. When he’d taken it to the Librarian, she’d noted a lack of bar code on it, but stamped a card and sent him on his way with the book, knowing he’d be back.

What he’d found had catapulted Max into a new world completely, for the book was the repository of all the knowledge and power of a long line of Wizards, passed through the generations by some power beyond understanding and presenting itself to those who could master the art held within. And master it he did. He studied that power for years, surprised as the book ‘evolved’ from leather tome to desktop computer to PDA, avoiding drawing attention while mastering the secrets of the arcane, until at last he could risk stepping into the light as Magus! Now, with the considerable funds left to him, he is a freelance occult investigator who sometimes contracts for the police in more ‘bizarre’ cases. Ever with him though is the tome from which he draws his most potent powers, the Grimoire of the Magus concealing itself in the form of a common Courier tablet.

Stats -

Composure: 2D
Fortitude: 1D
Reaction: 2D
Will: 3D

Occultism: 3D
Academia: 2D
Investigation: 1D + 1D Complication (Circumstance - Occult Investigations)
All Others: 1D

Powers: (Extra 1D from Resistances)
Wizardry: 5D (Cost - 9D)
Armour: 1D + 1D Complication (Device - Cowl/Cape)
Flight: 1D + 1D Complication (Device - Cowl/Cape)
Energy Control: 2D (Arcane Energy) + 1D Complication (Device - Ring)

Hideout - Grant Manor, a modest mansion in the heart of town!
Wealthy - Trust fund orphan

Phobia - Fire (parents died in a fire at the summer home, which he barely survived)
Secret - He caused the fire that killed his parents, playing with fireworks

(He's also a borderline alchoholic, and smokes all the time, which is usually good for a laugh for anyone who knows how finicky he is about fire in the first place to see him nervously lighting a cigarette or cigar.)

Oh, and a Courier is a tablet that never existed in the real world. Slightly smaller than an iPad so could fit in the pocket, but it unfolds like a book.

The Courier he uses –


Grant Manor –


Freyr a.k.a. Frazier Njordsen


Origin -

Mistaken for a Norse God, Freyj is just another superhero but plays up his godhood with the people for the fame and fortune that come with it. He runs a bar, Alfheim, the de facto headquarters of the Praetorians and popular night spot for San Alvario citizens. His steed is a large motorcycle with a ram's head that he rides more for style and liesure than out of any need due to his Super Speed.

Stats -

composure - 2d, fortitude - 3d, reaction - 2d, will - 2d

fighting - 3d
presence - 2d
all others - 1d

Elemental Form (Ice) 3d
Elemental Control (Ice) 3d
Super Strength 3d
Super Speed 3d

Dumb Luck


Jive Professor
09-03-2012, 02:31 PM
Praetorians Issue #1 Life on the Edge
Part 1 of the Haus of Pain Event!

Detective Cross had previously worked with Maximillian Grant a number of times where the S.A.P.D. had hired out Grant to help with investigations. During a situation involving some kidnappers that had begun to spiral into dangerous territory, both Cross and Grant revealed their superheroic identities and worked in tandem to defeat the kidnappers. Now that they both knew one another's secret, they decided to team up their heroic identities as well. Both of them already frequented Frazier's bar, Alfheim, a notorious hangout for off-duty cops and members of the superhero community. Soon they discussed their discovery with Frazier and he readily joined in.

Legion, whose appearance was quite frightening, had become a notorious villain whose infamy was spreading. However, upon investigating him, Detective Cross soon discovered that though Legion had a terrifying appearance he was actually fighting to help the citizens of San Alvario. The supers that he had fought, even if they wore more garish and brightly colored costumes, were in fact villains and perpetrators attacking innocents. In the confusion and chaos the good people mistakenly identified Legion as the perpetrator of these attempted (and foiled) crimes. Though he had been convicted in the court of public opinion, Detective Cross knew Legion was on the side of justice. He soon made contact with Legion and they agreed to work together in the future.

They often met in the back room at Alfheim to discuss villainous activity and their recent victories against San Alvario's criminal element. Deciding that they needed to cooperate in more ways than simply exchanging information, they realized that with their combined efforts they might not only clean up San Alvario, but perhaps become an inspiration for people across the West Coast. It was that night that they became... The Praetorians!

One cold October morning Detective Cross, who was the head (and due to low funding, only member of...) the S.A.P.D. Special Crimes Units, received a tip from Detective Michols that a large shipment of drugs would be arriving at the docks that night somewhere near pier 18. There were rumors that metahumans might be involved, and that the drugs might have connections to a popular night club KraftHaus located on the Northwest side of San Alvario.

Cross quickly contacted the other Praetorians and rushed to Alfheim to meet them. Frazier was already waiting, and Grant arrived shortly afterward. Legion did not arrive, nor did he contact them, much to the dismay of the others.

After discussing what they knew, the Praetorians decided that this would be their first opportunity to reveal themselves to the criminals of Sal Alvario and strike some fear into their hearts.

Later that night a sleek speed boat approached the docks at pier 18. No sooner had it docked than four individuals appeared from within it, and four more came out from hiding amongst the buildings and from behind parked vehicles. While one directed, the other seven began loading the drugs into the back of two small trucks and into the panels and compartments of three cars.

Suddenly with a rush of cold air Freyj roared into their midst, creating a blade of solid ice and stabbing it through the engine of one of the trucks. The hood buckled, windows shattered, and the rear of the vehicle lifted off the ground, throwing one of the crooks onto his back on the asphalt.

Using a spell of invisibility, Magus appeared as if from nowhere in front of the boat, and used arcane ice to free the boat in place next to the dock.

Swooping in from above, Templar landed alongside the other truck and used his incredible strength to flip it and send it tumbling across the pavement.

The criminals produced various pistols and knives and frantically opened fire on Freyj. Their bullet and blades could not pierce his skin, as it became suddenly coated in a thick coat of ice.

Suddenly the crook who had been directing the others vanished in a blur, his street clothes hovering in the air for a moment as if they too were surprised before fluttering to the ground. A maroon and white blur flashed past the heroes, pelting them with a flurry of punches. Magus and Freyj staggered for a moment, as much from surprise and wounded pride as any physical damage, while Templar's armor flashed with brilliant flares as protective wards guarded him and kept him from harm.

"You guys made a big mistake trying to mess with our shipment," said the blur, stopping only for a moment to reveal himself. "Now you to deal with me, V2!" He cackled, then began running again at lightning speed.

Freyj turned his arms to pure ice and attempted to clothesline V2, but the speed demon sped up his very molecules and became Insubstantial to phase through his attacks.

Magus, sensing that he could not fight him directly when moving at such high speeds, cast a spell of mind control over V2, and forced him to run at top speed directly into the concrete wall of a nearby building, without accelerating his molecules. The speedster crashed into the wall, bringing much of it down on top of him, and his legs pedaled frantically in the air for a moment before he went unconscious.

With only the other criminals remaining, the heroes dispatched them quite readily. Templar flung a tire from one of the trucks and caught one across the back, and startling another who ran into a pile of garbage and face-planted into the pavement. A few crooks tried to get in one of the cars and make a getaway, but Templar crashed into the side of its hood and wrecked the car, blocked the escape of the others, and flung the driver out onto the pavement as well.

One remaining crook tried to crawl across an overturned truck to safety, but Magus used raw arcane power to make a giant fist and slam him into place.

The heroes then told the criminals to load all of the drugs into one of the overturned trucks. After they did so the heroes used arcane fire to detonate the truck and destroy the drugs. They then took the seatbelts out of the vehicles and fashioned them into restraints to tie all the crooks together, while Freyj pulled V2 from the rubble and froze him into place.

"Wh-who are you guys?" asked one of the crooks, shivering from fear and the cold.

"The Praetorians," they said in unison.

Jive Professor
09-03-2012, 02:32 PM
Praetorians Issue #2 A Night Out
Part 2 of the Haus of Pain Event!

Our heroes, knowing the police would arrive soon, began to interrogate the crooks. Between Magus' levitation powers and Freyj's elemental control, they managed to deduce from the crooks and V2 that the drugs were indeed going to KraftHaus. Furthermore, they discovered that even though some of the drugs were going back into the club a large portion of the money was being invested in other pursuits. V2 also informed them that KraftHaus had begun to hire super villains, but he did not know their intent because he himself was also a new hire.

Hearing the approaching police sirens the Praetorians knew they had to act quickly. Freyj then unfroze V2's legs just enough so that he would not get frostbite, but not so much that he could phase out of the ice. To ensure that he could not escape Templar then took a nearby streetlight and wrapped around them just to be sure. Our heroes also grabbed all the would-be drug money and took it with them. When the police arrived they found the crooks gift wrapped for them and ready to be arrested.

Our heroes quickly returned to the bar Alfheim, where Legion met with them in the back room. Legion apologized for his absence, and stated it was because he had some issues in the extra dimensional pocket he called home. The others just took it for granted that these sorts of incidents happen when you own a pocket dimension for tiny goblins.

The heroes discussed what had occurred and filled Legion in on the details. They decided quickly on a new course of action. Firstly Maximilian, Frazier, and Caiphas would infiltrate the club under various guises in order to draw attention to themselves and see what they could find about the club's interior. Meanwhile, Legion would break V2 out of The Pit and help him escape in order to get an in with V2 and whatever group that KraftHaus was hiring. Caiphas would call ahead to the station and see who was going to be on duty watching The Pit, ostensibly because he had to fill out a great deal of paperwork regarding the occurrences down at the dock that night. Thanks to Maximilian's financial connections the group also decided that they would help the city not just when crime demanded they use their fists and powers, but also to help the people in other ways. They decided they would use the money they took from the crooks and invest it so the interest would pay out regularly and create a fund that they would call the Praetorian Foundation. The goal of the Praetorian Foundation would be to "Aid the victims of Metahuman crime and disasters".

Soon our heroes sprang into action. Caiphas discovered that Mack Carlton was the officer on duty in The Pit. Maximilian called ahead to the station, using a spell to disguise his voice and fake a medical emergency in Mack's family which would keep him distraught and distracted. Legion immediately made his way down to the area surrounding the precinct house. He had one of his goblins cut the power to the area surrounding The Pit. The little creature scrambled up one of the power lines and began chewing on the transmitter with his bare teeth. A few thousand volts and some burning goblin flesh later, the power was out and the emergency lights come on. The police in the watchtowers turned on the floodlights and began frantically searching for the cause of the alarm. Using his teleportation powers, Legion teleported inside the structure at the center of The Pit. Mack, completely disrupted due to the phone call he was having and the sudden power loss, completely failed to notice the sudden appearance of a new figure inside one of the inmate's cells. V2 fumbled out of the dark.

"Do you want out of here?" asked Legion in a dark tone.

"Just who the hell are you?" V2 replied, surprised to hear a voice behind him.

"I could be a friend. But you have to give me something as well."

"Fine, fine... whatever you want, just get me out of here," he hissed in a low voice.

Mack was beginning to grow suspicious that something was wrong inside the holding cells.

"If you take me to meet your new employers, then I'll let you free."

"Hey, is someone else in there?" Mack asked and stumbled forward.

"All right, whatever let's just get out of here! We can meet up at the rooftops at the corner of 53rd St. and Coastal Way."

"Don't be late." Legion quickly cut the power-nullifying shackles around V2's wrists and teleported out of The Pit.

A few moments later V2 and Legion stood upon a rooftop discussing the escape. V2 promised to introduce Legion to his new employers, but made no assurances that they would take straight to him. He himself was relatively new to their group and according to him they were pretty discerning in their opinion of others. V2 told him to meet back at the same location that coming Friday night at 8:30.

Meeting the others back at Alfheim, Legion described what V2 had told him. The others agreed to infiltrate the dance club, deciding that they would show up in their civilian guises.

Caiphas went to his office and pulled some records on a missing persons case, and went to the club and proceeded to interrogate the staff about a missing underage girl. Given that he was clearly a cop, and that he was interrogating people about a missing person, he was an incredible buzz kill and he drew great deal of attention.

Maximilian decided to play up the trust fund hipster persona. He went to the club "ironically", thought the music was "way worse than all of the bands that these people have probably never heard of", and he mustered as much apathy as he could while nursing a drink and looking at his Courier in a corner of the bar.

Frazier, already being incredibly tall, of large stature, and a blonde haired Viking, basically played up a sort of technoviking identity. He milled about, danced a bit, had quite a few drinks, and got a lay of the place.

While this is occurring, Legion and V2 met up at their previous location and V2 led him to a building not far from the club. It was here that he brought Legion to a back room, and escorted him into a dimly lit area with other costumed individuals. V2 introduced him to the members - Jager, Iron Cross, Iron Eagle, and King Tiger. Legion tried to gain some information from them, but they were not so quick to trust a newcomer. They told him that that coming Tuesday they had heist planned, and that he could be a part of it as well to see if he had what it takes to join them. They told him the time and location, which was in the San Alvario financial district.

Though the other three were not discovered, they did not gain much information from the club. Though they did notice that a couple of well-dressed and obviously important individuals sat in one of the booths a few levels up. Neither of the two individuals look like they owned a trendy nightclub, and one even wore a monocle which was quite bizarre for someone whose business was so cosmopolitan and modern. Mark tried to use a discrete listening spell to hear what they were speaking about, and although he picked up a few bits about illicit deals, drugs, and large sums of money, he could not discern anything particular.

Meeting back at Alfheim the heroes decided that Legion would continue under the guise that he was trying to join the group that KraftHaus was employing. The rest of them would wait in the wings and surprise the villains when they least expected it.

Jive Professor
09-03-2012, 02:32 PM
Praetorians Issue #3 Banking Error
Part 3 of the Haus of Pain Event!

Heroes make their preparations until Tuesday came around. Legion made his way to the rendezvous point, while the others waited to make their move. Magus and Templar soared of the scene of unaware citizens going about their daily business. Freyj waiting idly in a back alley not too far away, ready to use his super speed to rush in when needed.

At the rendezvous point, Jager waited with two henchmen who both carried large briefcases. Jager and the henchmen were dressed in similar colors - form-fitting dark green spandex black stripes along their arms and legs. Jager had two crossed katanas on his back as well as a large, ominous looking-gun. While the henchmen were not quite so well armed they, like Jager, covered in numerous straps, pouches, ammunition, and so on like they had stepped straight out of a Rob Liefield comic.

"So are we going to rob bank?" Legion asked as he materialized in front of them.

"Hold on, not just yet," Jager retorted, narrowing his eyes a bit.

For a few moments the heroes and villains waited in an awkward silence. Legion was beginning to get uneasy, while the others had no idea what the hold up was.

Suddenly from the distance three figures appeared. These were other local villains - Bouldarr, Visioneer, and Razorblade. Bouldarr was a large rocky figure easily 8 feet tall, wearing simple overalls and always bearing a grim visage. Razorblade wore a rough assortment of clothing with no particular rhyme or reason, but had large patches of fur and long brown hair as well as a devilish assortment of plates and long claws. Visioneer wore a white costume that was ringed in various colors and was using her strong mental powers, which manifested themselves as translucent rings, to carry the other two towards the bank.

Without warning Visioneer flew in low over the financial district and dropped Bouldarr and Razorblade right into the middle of the street in front of AmWest First National Bank. With reckless abandon they began to terrorize the people. Bouldarr immediately smashed through the front glass and began stampeding into the bank. Razorblade was slashing tires, breaking windows, cutting down streetlights, and threatening civilians with his knives. Visioneer was using her telekinesis to hurl cars to and fro and shut down traffic in front of the bank.

For a few tense moments all the villains did watch, making no comment on the scene in front of them. The heroes almost sprang into action, but hesitated when they did not see Jager, Legion, or anyone else make a move. Legion began to grow anxious.

After a few minutes of general chaos the heroes could wait no more, and they rushed to help the people of San Alvario. As Bouldarr began to bring down a mighty swing of his rocky arm on a group of screaming citizens in their car, Freyj rushed forward with his super speed, covering his arm in a layer of ice and blocked the blow with his own arm. Templar rocketed downwards towards Razorblade, while Magus still waited to see what the others did
Razorblade, seeing the newcomers approach, grabbed one of his many sharp blades and hurled it towards Templar. Templar tried to dodge, but he was already moving at such a high speed of the blade sank deep into his right shoulder piercing straight through his enchanted armor. Templar slammed in the ground, throwing up chunks of asphalt, but Razorblade nimbly jumped out of the way.

Freyj and Bouldarr continued to exchange savage blows, and while the hammering produced shockwaves that shook the ground and shattered nearby windows, neither one could seem to gain the upper hand. Visioneer began to use piercing mental shots to try and phase Freyj so that Bouldarr could get a solid shot in, but Freyj was moving too fast for her to hit.

Still more moments passed and Jager and his henchmen did not so much as budge.

Freyj created a large blade of solid ice and began to hack away at Bouldarr, but his rocky hide just deflected the blows. Bouldarr tried to pound Freyj into the pavement but every time his fist connected with something it was just more asphalt and the after image of Freyj moving so fast. Visioneer continued her assault but to no avail.

Magus could wait no longer and he to join the fray. He tried to summon a spell that would create a pocket lacking air all around the Visioneer, but she sensed the presence of a new mind and deftly avoided it, while returning fire with her own blasts that bounced harmlessly off of an arcane barrier that Magus erected around himself.

Templar attempted to swing at Razorblade, but he jumped over him to a somersault and slashes his knives at Templar who swiftly flew to avoid them but still got cut on the back of his thigh slowing him down.

Jager seemed satisfied now and turned to Legion.

"There, that looks like a crew that bothered our boys handling the drug shipment the other night. Now here's what you're going to do - the bank is not the target. That is just a diversion to keep those Praetorians occupied. The building next door is the Penderton Institute. It is a museum that holds a large number of dusty old vases and boring paintings. But there is something in there that we want - the Turban of Zalafar, which should be easy to find because it is the purple turban with a huge feather and large blue gem sticking out of the center. Now teleport in there and get it, are we clear?"

"We do you want it for?"

"That is none of your concern, just get it and bring it out here, understood?"

"Alright, whatever."

Legion teleported inside to the Penderton Institute, appearing in a black cloud of smoke. The alarms were already blaring, at first making Legion wonder if he had tripped them, but he noticed that every time Freyj and Bouldarr exchanged hits the shockwaves would rattle the exhibits, making the alarms go off. All of the museum patrons were huddled in the corner in fear, covering themselves in case the ceiling collapsed, while two security guards crouched near the windows at the front of the room.

Summoning two goblins out of thin air Legion commanded them to take the Turban of Zalafar from its glass case. After a great deal of fumbling, biting, gnawing, and outright banging their heads on the glass, the goblins managed to free the turban from its container and hand it to Legion. The three of them vanished in clouds of smoke – the goblins to the zone whence they came from, and Legion back to the rooftop.

“Here it is,” he said as he offered it to Jager.

Jager made a motion with his head and one of his henchmen stepped up quickly. He took it from Legion’s hands, inspected it for a moment and nodded towards Jager in approval. He then placed it within the secure case he had brought with him.

“Alright, let’s get out of here before anyone notices us,” commanded Jager and he began to run along the rooftops away from the carnage in the street, his henchmen following along in nimble pursuit.

Legion, though he wished to go aid his friends, knew it would blow his cover, so he followed along after them.

Meanwhile the battle continued to rage in the city streets. Bouldarr realized that he had to try something new to take out Freyj. So he ripped the bank vault off its hinges and proceeded to slam it down repeatedly on the ground. The first blow missed, hitting the pavement instead and allowing Freyj an ineffectual swipe back with his ice blade. The second actually connected with the side of Freyj’s head, but left him with no more than a slight ringing in his ears and a godly-head-shaped dent in the bank vault.

“You have got to be kidding me…” he muttered.

Magus and Visioneer continued their deadly duel of magic and mental strikes, also seemingly at a standstill, while Templar and Razorblade danced about one another with flips and flight.

Eventually Magus began to assault Bouldarr’s mind with spells of confusion and fatigue. As her rocky ally began to stagger, Visioneer tried to do the same to Freyj but was not as successful.

This is where the battle began to turn.

Templar, after dodging another knife attack of Razorblade’s, flew upwards and then juked downwards rapidly, slamming into the ground and sending up chunks of asphalt. A rather large portion caught Razorblade across the head and sent him sprawling onto the ground.

Bouldarr was becoming desperate to take some of the pressure off of himself, and so he grabbed a nearby automobile and chucked it with one hand towards a packed office building. Templar flew as fast as he could and allowed the vehicle to detonate against his enchanted armor. The thankful citizens of San Alvario saw him haloed by a roaring explosion which left the shining blue warrior unscathed.

Freyj saw an opening in Bouldarr’s weaking defenses and encased his arms in layers of ice. With grueling repetition he began to rain down blows upon the rocky villain, felling him with a savage uppercut to the jaw.

Visioneer attempted to escape but was slammed to the ground with arcane force by Magus who took advantage of her shock at Bouldarr’s defeat.

Though the infrastructure of the financial district was quite worse for wear, especially Main Street, there had been no fatalities and the day had been saved. The people cheered for the Praetorians and average citizens, as well as chattering news crews, surrounded them and showered them in applause and questions.

The heroes were not prone to vanity but took the time to encourage the people and let them know who their saviors were…

The Praetorians!

..and yet the villains still got what they had truly wanted, but to what ends?

Jive Professor
09-03-2012, 02:36 PM
Rogue's Gallery -



Build Total: [20D]

Resistances -

Fortitude: 4D
Reaction: 2D
Composure: 2D
Will: 2D

Aptitudes -

Fighting: 3D
Shooting: 2D
Athletics: 2D
Presence: 2D
Everything Else: 1D

Powers -

Elemental Form - Rock: 5D
Super Strength: 4D



Build Total: [20D]

Resistances -

Fortitude: 2D
Reaction: 2D
Composure: 2D
Will: 3D

Aptitudes -

Fighting: 3D
Presence: 2D
Everything Else: 1D

Powers -

Flight: 3D
Telekinesis: 5D
Mental Blast: 4D



Build Total: [20D]

Resistances -

Fortitude: 2D
Reaction: 3D
Composure: 2D
Will: 2D

Aptitudes -

Athletics: 4D
Fighting: 3D
Shooting: 3D
Everything Else: 1D

Powers -

Super Leap: 3D
Vicious Blades: 4D + 1D Armor Piercing



Build [20D]

Resistances -

Fortitude: 3D
Reaction: 5D
Composure: 2D
Will: 2D

Aptitudes –

Athletics: 3D
Presence: 2D
Everything Else: 1D

Powers –

Super Speed: 5D + 1D Area Attack
Super Senses: 3D (Danger Sense)

Jive Professor
09-03-2012, 02:37 PM
Here is the creator I used for the character portraits, and I think there is an advanced version as well:


09-04-2012, 04:08 PM
That is awesome stuff sir!

If you would like to join us over at the official Supers! forums with Zenith Comics now that we own the IP, please do cause these kinds of posts are exactly what our new community is looking for :)


Either way, please share more :)

Jive Professor
09-08-2012, 06:36 PM
Sure thing, I will do that.

I wish I could share more, but sadly this campaign died. However I am starting a game for my students (this Tuesday, in fact) and I will have one of my club officers do write-ups so we can post them.