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08-31-2012, 04:29 PM
Legends are Made, Not Born
A solo Pbem classical Dungeons & Dragons game
Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you fear, and the secret doors you know must be there somewhere.

What not to worry about:

1. Donít worry about being on at a certain time to play a play by email game with the dungeonmaster. Whenever you have time we continue from where you last left off.

2. The game is a solo game so you donít have to worry about waiting on other players to continue campaigning.

3. You can choose from 6 premade characters and start playing! No need to take hours to create your character sheet!

4. your character sheet will be updated for you as you enjoy your solo campaign!

5. You donít need any prior experience to enjoy this dungeons and dragons game. You will be guided step by step as you play one on one with Walter your Dungeonmaster.

Scroll down to choose the character you would like to represent and email walter the name to begin gaming!


The son of a herder, you actually reside outside the town of Dundraville. However, since it's the closest settlement to your family's ranch, you call it home - and you are willing to die to protect it. Although you still assist with tending your family's sheep herds, you make your living as a woodsmen, trapper, and wilderness guide. You are adept at setting a snare for the most cunning boar, and know the region around Dundraville like the back of your callused hand. To aid you on your quest, you wield a magic battleaxe, handed down through your family for generations. You firmly believe the ogre must be defeated. Since it has taken up residence in Skulltop Hillock, the local fauna has disappeared. Worse, you suspect the ogre will eventually attract other evil humanoids to the region, which will disrupt the delicate natural balance - not to mention what evil depredations they may bring to the townsfolk of Dundraville. You plan to utilize your wilderness skills to aid the townsfolk in ridding themselves of this menace.

You are a quiet individual, and speak in a low monotone voice. You are awkward in town and around other people; you prefer sleeping under the stars in the company of animals. This gruff attitude tends to rub people the wrong way, but you mean them no harm or disrespect. You believe that teamwork is the only way a band of townsfolk can hope to defeat the ogre, so you plan to set aside your attitudes on people. Therefore, you insisted that the Elven witch Mischa join the quest, even though she is feared by most of the town for her divine powers.


Your full name is Becarus Delaurentis Corbin, but everybody calls you Bec. You are a simple farm boy in a six-foot-six-inch, 250-pound frame! You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, and you lack basic social skills and etiquette. But what you lack you make up for in brute strength and endurance. If there is heavy labor or a menial task to be done, you are the man. Tasks that require
finesse and dexterity, on the other hand, aren't your forte; you often break tools with your gnarled, powerful hands.

Such duties are best left to others. Your papa once asked you to shear a sheep, and the poor creature needed to be put down shortly thereafter! Ever since, you shy away from such delicate creatures. Shortly after your 18th birthday, you joined the local militia. You enjoy taking orders, and have no desire to climb the ranks of leadership. Although not very skilled at wielding many weapons besides your spear, you make up for formal training with the strength of a bull. The militia taught

you the basics of wearing and caring for armor, but you disdain most forms of armor. They are always tight in the chest and arms, and downright uncomfortable.

You are boisterous, but prefer to use short sentences and simple words. Other folks often confuse you with fancy words and such. Often you feign understanding, and do your own thing anyway. One flex of a powerful arm, and they tend to leave you be. You are naive and trusting, and quite shy around pretty women.

Lord Casimir La Frond

You are bold and confident, a born leader in your opinion. And someone needs to lead this rabble against the diabolical machinations of that ogre. The La Frond family always opposed the idea of giving the beast monthly tribute, but the weak leadership of Dundraville hoped the problem would simply "go away."

You don't fear the ogre, and with the support of your fellow townsfolk, you will vanquish the enemy, and claim a victory for the La Frond family! Even though you've never wielded a sword against a dangerous foe, you've spent hours training with the finest swordmasters money can buy. How hard could it be to smite an opponent 10 feet tall? Or perhaps you can rely on your fine marksmanship with the longbow. You've outwitted the craftiest fox, and taken it down with a single precise shot.

How hard could it be to strike such a large foe? But perhaps a prayer or two would not hurt. As a respected member of the La Frond family, you bear the finest equipment, and keep it impeccably clean. One must not only bring evil to justice, but look dashing in the process. You hope to get by on your combat prowess, town knowledge, and good looks alone, and hope to not have to pull any family favors. Still, Mother insisted you bring a potion capable of healing your wounds. You'll try your best not to let anyone see you consume it (if it's even needed), so they don't sense any weakness in their fearless leader.


You love to talk, to anyone, about anything. But you prefer to talk about magic, and just how great a wizard you plan on becoming someday. If nobody will listen to you, you'll even talk to yourself, just to break the silence. However, you refuse to answer yourself. That's where you draw the line. You have been a wizard's apprentice for nearly two years now. Nerenethos hasn't taught you much, yet. But any day now you'll be wielding mighty incantations. You hope. Actually, you spend most of your time cooking meals, sweeping the tower, and washing laboratory glassware. Perhaps he doesn't recognize your limitless potential for the arcane arts. Or worse, he just wants a servant he doesn't need to pay. When he left town, he didn't even trust you to stay at his tower. He locked all the doors, and protected them with magical wards. Sheesh!

But that's okay. You swiped one of his wands (he has so many, he won't miss it) and one of his scrolls. You plan to prove to your master, and the whole town, that you've got the gift of magic. If you can assist in defeating the ogre with "your" magic wand, nobody will be able to deny your natural ability. Perhaps wizards from all over would then covet your services as an apprentice. Of course, if you fail, and your master learns you stole one of his wands from his trove, you might just be fired!


Your father was a locksmith, and he demanded you follow in his footsteps. But frankly, locksmithing is quite boring. So you left home to travel and discover what you wanted to do with your life. During that time, you've had many jobs, including court jester, manure shoveler, and short order cook (pun intended), to name but a few. Finally, you discovered a skill you enjoy: alchemy. It's dangerous (you've singed many an eyebrow), profitable, and yields fascinating items that make everyday life easier. When you heard about the quest to defeat the ogre, you just had to close the shop for a chance at some field-testing of your devices. You only wish you had more items in stock!

Besides, you have other useful skills, such as sneaking (long story), and you still know the innards of most locks. You prefer to hang back and avoid the close combat. A gnome like you could get stepped on. Instead, you focus on tossing alchemical goodies into the fray, or using your

You speak very fast, and have a habit of rubbing your hands together. You are fascinated by magic and those who wield it, but believe alchemy can achieve similar results. You crave the riches the ogre must be hoarding. You hope to pay for all the devices you plan on using, plus have some left over to expand your lab and hire an assistant. An assistant could free you up to pursue research and development. You have many alchemical ideas you wish to explore, and carry a small notebook in case inspiration hits you on the road.


You are an elven adept called the Witch of the Wood by many ignorant townsfolk. They clearly fear your divine connection with nature, which suits you fine. You are introverted, and prefer to be left alone to obtain an inner peace with nature. That inner peace has been interrupted by the arrival of the ogre years ago. At the behest of Bowen, a longtime friend, you set aside your disdain for the town, and reluctantly agreed to join the quest to vanquish an evil foe. Besides, you sense a much darker evil than a mere ogre extorting a town.

You are mysterious and aloof, if not downright haughty at times. Years of self-imposed exile have given you a dour, pessimistic view on most situations. You hide in voluminousrobes and speak in Elven, unless you must converse with others. In addition to wielding divine spells to aid nature's children, you are quite adept at wilderness lore.

You can track a fox through a rainstorm, and can mix herbs to create healing salves. You expect nothing in return for your aid, as money is useless to you. Acceptance for who you are and the return of the natural balance are all you need to be content, once the ogre has been defeated.

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