View Full Version : Indy Gamers - Earthdawn, Eclipse Phase, Traveler:2300AD

08-30-2012, 08:16 AM
I'm currently looking for players interested in two of three possible games.

1. Earthdawn - Set in an ancient age of magic, the races of Earth have survived the apocalypse brought upon by the Horrors and must make their way in a world that has changed since they went into hiding.

The Earthdawn game I would like to kick off will be in the style of West Marches (http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/) which uses the following criteria:
a) No regular time: every session is scheduled by the players on the fly.
b) There is no regular party: each game had different players drawn from a pool of around 10-14 people.
c) There is no regular plot: The players decide where to go and what to do. It's a sandbox game in the sense thatís now used to describe video games like Grand Theft Auto, minus the missions. There is no mysterious old man sending you on quests. No overarching plot, just an overarching environment.

The game will start with the Ardanyan's Revenge module, which sets up the world. From there, it's up to the players.

The following two science-fiction games will be more standard, with a over-arcing plots determined by player interest:

1. Eclipse Phase - Set 10 years after mankind has abanonded Earth, the solar system is home to a new transhumanity capable of separating mind from body. As a player you are an agent of Firewall and your job is to protect humanity from destruction by existential risk.
2. Traveler: 2300AD - Three-hundred years in the future mankind has begun colonizing the stars along three axis of exploration controlled by the French, Chinese and Americans. Using the Traveler rules, 2300AD encourages exploration, trade and stories of personal survival set against the threat of Earth-based terrorists and an invading alien race called the Kafers.