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08-28-2012, 10:00 AM
Hello, everyone. I'm designing my own system, called Uferan Heroes (Ufera being the name of the world). As of right now, we've already gone through one campaign (the first campaign was a sort of "introductory" campaign set in a standard fantasy setting), and now we're going into our second campaign, which is going to be in more of an Old West/Steampunk setting. At least one of our players will not be able to continue playing due to conflicts in schedule, while the rest have not notified me of any such conflicts. As such, I am looking for a replacement player. Details on my game system and campaign will be listed below.

The System

Doing things
Characters have a pool of actions derived from their stats, and may spend those actions to perform certain things. Without enough actions, a character will have to extend whatever it is he or she is doing across two or more turns. Beyond that, it's pretty simple; if your character can reasonably expect to do something, tell me (the GM) and I'll tell you the process.

Success or Failure?
As with most games, succeeding or failing is randomized. In this game, the randomization process involved rolling percentile dice and trying to roll between the Maximum Success Rating, or MaSR, and the Minimum Success Rating, or MiSR. The MaSR is determined by your character; it represents your character's ability and competence in a given area of expertise, and is calculated for everything your character does by adding two attributes and any other relevant modifiers. The MiSR is determined by the circumstances of what your character is doing, and represents the difficulty of the task or any resistance to your character's attempt.

For example, if your character swings a sword, your character's skill with swords is represented by the MaSR for the attack, by default calculated by adding Strength and Agility. Assuming you've got a target, the MiSR of your character's attack is determined by the target's ability to Dodge or Block the attack. You'll need to roll above the MiSR, but below the MaSR, in order to hit.

Margin of Success (Or: I hit, now what?)
Whenever your character does something with a range of results beyond "Succes" or "Failure," you usually end up rolling a number of dice determined by a Modifier, or a mini-stat derived directly from a stat.

Going with the above example of swinging a sword, let's assume it's a longsword, and that your character hit his or her enemy. The longsword has a damage die of 1d6. You then look at your character's Strength Modifier. Let's say your character's Strength is 34. You would divide by 5 (rounding down) to get your character's Modifier, and 34/5 rounded down is 6, so your character's Strength Modifier is 6. For attacks and other similar things, you actually use half of your character's modifier; half of 6 is 3. Given that half of your character's Strength Modifier is 3, and the longsword's Damage Die is 1d6, you roll 3 6-sided dice to determine how much damage your character deals. Additional modifiers can add Static Damage, which is added after you roll the damage dice.

Most other things are determined as either "success" or "failure."

The Setting

Calmekkani was a nation unlike any other known nation. Founded in an area of low ambient ether, it was unsuited for the practice of magic. The people of Calmekkani, however, did not want to give up advancing their nation, though, so they developed advanced technology to perform what they couldn't do with magic. Up to about a century ago, the nation of Calmekkani was a thriving nation of ingenuity and trade. Alas, all things must come to and end.

The neighboring nation of Baalicos, the Enemy of the world, and to whom the Calmekkanians were a nuisance, decided to use a strategic military ploy to get the Calmekkanians to destroy themselves. By staging a fake invasion, they got the Calmekkanian military to swell its ranks with criminals and other scum in a desperate attempt to fight off the invasion. But the Baalicans retreated before any major fighting happened, leaving behind salted fields and destroyed fishing boats. Without any more need for a defense force and too few supplies (such as food) to launch a counterattack, the Calmekkanian military had to let go of its new recruits. But the recruits, already armed and loyal only to themselves, revolted, thus destroying the nation of Calmekkani and dividing the land between gangs of marauders forcing their will on the remaining populace.

About ten years ago in-game, the Blood Drakes, one of the two most powerful gangs in the land, underwent a sudden and forceful change in management. Under their new leader, Codeau Rahlder, they turned away from their barbaric ways and became a force of law and goodness, a shining beacon for those wanting to escape the life of despair in the rest of what used to be Calmekkani. Their rival gang, the Screaming Skulls, haven't made it easy, however, and so the two factions struggle against one another in a seemingly endless war.

The Campaign

Being set in the above setting, there will be little to no magic; you technically can play a mage-type character, but if you do, your character will be underpowered. Instead, there will be technology.

Currently, we have 5 players, and their character archetypes listed below.
-A Medic
-A Sniper
-A Melee Striker (damage-dealer)
-A melee Protector
-A standard melee warrior
-A Grenadier/Siege Marksman (GMPC, will be switched out later)

As you can see, the group is currently focused on combat, and while I will eventually give them a GMPC to help them out with certain skills, but we still need a skilled character. If you really want to focus on combat, though, an AOE-type character will also be useful, either through the use of shotguns or grenades.

I will also let you know that this group has needed to be railroaded constantly; this game will, as such, have a focused plot, so if you don't like that, now you know. Also noteworthy is that there are none of the "standard" fantasy races; there are no dwarves, no halflings, and the closest thing I have to an elf simply looks like an elf, but is flavored differently. There are, of course, plenty of non-human races, but they are of my own design.

08-28-2012, 10:03 AM
Forgot to add: The game runs on Tuesdays from 4PM to 6 PM; I know that's not a lot of time, and I've been trying to get longer sessions, but that's the only time that works for my current players.