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08-27-2012, 02:50 PM
Hey all,

The name's Alden. I coordinate the children's portion of the public library system's literacy program. We have a classroom space down at the Dr. B.L. Perry, Jr. Branch Library (2817 S. Adams St.)

For the past two summers I've offered a "Star Wars" (WEG/d6) roleplaying game club for some of the children at our library. Because of the great success we've had with it, we are going to offer rpgs through the year.

A friend of mine runs the Star Wars game, but I am going to crank up a DC Adventures/M&M3e Green Lantern campaign for older students (12 & up) in our programs. I would love to stir some more experienced players into the mix. Just thought I'd chuck this out there and see if anybody with a couple of spare hours available Tuesdays &/or Thursdays from 6-8 might be interested.

Let me know if this sounds like it might strike your fancy or if you might have any pointers for me as a first timer running DCA/M&M3e. Any and all queries welcome.

Clicking on the link for Friday the 31st on the calendar found at the address below will get you to a copy of the current flyer. It advertises Friday, but I am shifting to Tuesdays and/or Thursdays (and, heck, maybe even Fridays as well) after the first meeting this Friday @ 4:30.

http://www.leoncountyfl.gov/library/...ID=6&B1=Submit (http://www.leoncountyfl.gov/library/calendars/event.asp?Calendar_ID=6&B1=Submit)
Much thanks.

For the Corps!