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3 Man
08-26-2012, 08:31 PM
I'm looking at putting a new game together and would love some community feedback.

"Barbarians of the Seventh Seal is an anime stylized pen-and-paper role playing game built on the rules chassis of the hit game Barbarians of Lemuria. BotSS reveals a world in chaos, ravaged by the Great War, Armeggeddon, the Contagion and an intergalactic invasion. From this disastrous begining, though, emerges a new breed of hero. Forged in the fire of war, fueled with old testament faith, alien weaponry and psionic mutations these heroes fight to bring order out of chaos, to rebuild and protect their world, and to overthrow the Leviathan. So don your power suit, say your prayers, grab your lucky plasma rifle and your psionic friend, too, and let's kick some demon ass!"

Any thoughts good, bad or ugly?
is this material unique or too familiar?
My main goals are to add the Armeggeddon vibe and faith powered heroes as an option for post-apoc rpg. I also want to add firm story goals, which seems to be the biggest drawback of most current post-apoc games. This differs from Barbarians of the Aftermath in that it is a game, not a tool box, it has a firm narrative and story goals, and it is closer to the crunch level of BoL than BotA. Any help is good!