View Full Version : Greetings, all

08-09-2012, 05:03 PM
Hello everyone. I'm new to the site, and figured I'd introduce myself. Started playing AD&D back in the 1980s, (yes, this puts me in my late 30s) and played until somewhere around 2005. Lost touch with my gaming group because of family/work/school obligations, and haven't played anything seriously since then. Dropped in on a couple of scenario games in the past couple of months, but found the scene wasn't for me. Really want to find a group that isn't intent on finding and exploiting flaws in a rule system. I love my video games as much as anyone, but I can't stand hackers/cheats, and this applies to pen and paper also. There really is no point (in my mind) to playing a game if the sole reason for playing is to prove you can exploit the system and beat a campaign without trying.

Looking for a mature group (read: nothing illegal) to game with either in the AD&D system or something in the post-apocalyptic/survival/horror genres. Honestly willing to try almost any game system, so long as the campaigns aren't just mindless hack-and-slash-fests (although those can be a blast at times).

I'm in the Huntersville, NC area, so if anyone in the area is looking for another player, hit me up. I've DM'd quite a bit, but not in the newer systems, so unless it's good-old-fashioned AD&D, I'll probably want to be a player for a while to learn the system.