View Full Version : Hello There -- I'm here looking for some Playtesters for a new fan-made Harry Potter RPG.

08-04-2012, 10:31 PM
Please forgive me if this is inappropriate. I've been working on a Harry Potter pen and paper RPG as there are very little fan-made ones out there, and literally no official ones. I'm entering the beta phase and I am looking for some beta testers for it. It's called Hogwarts & Hippogriffs. I'm currently looking for people interested and will select those I feel are most excited or most willing to contribute to a beta trial (offering feedback and discussions, etc.) The website for the game is hogwartsandhippogriffs.com and there is a forum there where discussions/feedback will take place (if accepted for the beta, I'll ask that you make an account on those forums for discussion).

Again, please forgive me if this is inappropriate. I looked through the forum and searched for forum rules to see if I could see if this was appropriate or not, but I was unable to find anything. If it is, please lock and delete, and I apologize.


08-24-2012, 10:15 PM
Hey, man,

You might want to post this in the Small Press/Indie games session. You will probably get a better audience there.

Hope this helps!