View Full Version : GenCon 2012: Pre-Con Wishes and Anticipations

07-31-2012, 11:47 PM
This year marks the 45th anniversary of our favorite destination, Gen Con. The annual gaming convention is the hallmark of our summer because we, and thousands of our kind, converge on Indianapolis for four days of gaming and basking in our chosen sub-cultural indulgences.

This year is also special for us because of a few personal things. This will be Shawn and Greg’s first GenCon. With them going, it will also be the first time the entire crew will be there at once (including Aarron, Deuce and our new friend Nathan).

We are looking forward to the festivities and meeting anyone who actually listens to us.

Please click here (http://gamerstable.com/gencon-2012-pre-con/) to listen.