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07-24-2012, 02:27 PM
This campaign will be kicking off on or around the evening of Sunday September 2nd, meeting at a player's house in Columbia, MD. We're looking for one more brave soul to join our crew. We combine the elegance of modern game design in the 4E system with the weird and deadly aesthetic of classic pulp.

Those looking for cookie cutter adventures and assured, easy victories: turn back now.

You are heretics who have found the secret location of Gardmore Abbey. One by one, you will kill the Dungeon Lords and end their nightmarish reign of brutality.

The campaign world is a dark and miserable hell, ruled over by cabal of nine unholy emperor-priests who act as living avatars of the cruel gods. These nine men and women were once like you, adventurers seeking immortality through mystic realms. They found such wonders upon a sacred mountain and there established Gardmore Abbey - wherein they were gifted with powers from the gods and dubbed 'Dungeon Lords'. The nine Dungeon Lords dwell there still, each within their own realm, jealousy and fear keeping them forever separate.

¨ Makkalath
¨ Hate Blossom
¨ The Ruach
¨ The Winter King
¨ Mother Pestilence
¨ Maelstrom Queen
¨ Tyrannon Thran
¨ The Iron Lich
¨ The Heresiarch

All suffer under the rule of the Dungeon Lords. Kingdoms that refuse to offer tribute to the gods face war, blight, and disease. Men and women unwilling to turn over seed and egg have it ravaged from them. Artists uninterested in singing, painting, and sculpting in the gods' likeness have their tongues, eyes, and hands cut from them. Some of these gods view mortals as mere chattel; pawns to be exploited when it satisfies their own lust for flesh and fame. Other gods, however, loathe the very existence of mortals and are perpetually conflicted by their simultaneous desires to erase them from existence and to prolong their suffering as long as possible in as many inhuman ways as can be dreamed of.

¨ Your ability as a player will be tested. Optimized character sheets and good rolls will only take you so far.
¨ Fight only when necessary. Killing rank and file monsters sometimes only serves to weaken you. Do so only when you need to, save your strength for the Dungeon Lords.
¨ Assume everything is dangerous. Learn as much about your environment before tinkering with a trap or puzzle. Sometimes clues are found in other parts of the dungeon, or other dungeons entirely.
¨ Details are important. Clues to the challenges you face will be both subtle and obvious.
¨ Difficult. The challenges in the dungeons are designed to be especially difficult, but never impossible.
¨ Deadly. Your dungeoneers will die quickly and often. The penalty for failure is severe, but it is always an avoidable part of the challenge.
¨ Lucrative. The rewards found in the dungeons are numerous and very powerful.
¨ Over-the-Top. The campaign is brought to life with extravagant threats and sites.
¨ Bleak. The world in which the campaign resides is grim, amoral, violent, and unhappy.
¨ Game-Oriented. The campaign emphasizes your struggle to ‘win’ by overcoming the challenges presented to you. Player knowledge takes center stage and meta-gaming becomes a necessary tool when dealing with mind-bending puzzles.
¨ You are managing risk. There is no such thing as a safe plan and you will have to decide on which part is the least painful.