View Full Version : AD&D First Edition (CSIO/WIlderlands of High Fantasy) St. Louis/West County area

07-17-2012, 11:16 AM
Hello, all:

I am new to the PNP board. I am looking to either run an AD&D 1E game, or join one. I have been running D&D on and off for 30+ years, more off than on. I have been playing via Skype recently, which is fine, but would like to see what is out there. I would love to play, as I have been the DM forever. Open to various possibilities. Just seeing what is out there!

Not sure if there are neutral sites for gamin, etc. I look forward to hearing from one and all.

***EDIT*** Looking for 4-6 players, not just 4. Four is fine, but up to six is great as well.