View Full Version : Where to Start???????? Kansas City

07-16-2012, 04:07 AM
Back in the day when the Arduin Grimoire was the latest and greatest player/dm aid I began to game. Since then I have had several groups but two very core groups since then. Well one by one members of the group fell away over the years. I for years did not have the craving for a game BUT now I do.
Game systems come and go, from homebrew to the D&D 1.0 to pathfinder back again to 3.5 and round and round it goes. The system never ever makes the game it helps and that is it. The players and the GM are the magic and soul of the game. That is what Iím looking for here. I want to find a group that has stellar players who are there for the game. The group with a DM/GM that has an fully established world filled richly with heroics, lore, history with an amazing depth.
As a player I show up with my folder, 1 book, dice and figure. As GM I show up with heavy box of folders and books also back pack of notes. Then I run back out to the car for the figures and dice.
Iím both a player and GM. Was a GM and player in a group that ranged from 5 to 30 people. Yes the 30 was an extreme and brutal to face as a GM but those games were legend and rare. Those big games where people flew into town lasted the entire weekend. The average game in size was 8 to 16 people. Not expecting nor wanting a group of such size. Iím wishing a group with established core players who consistently game on the weekends or such. Wanting both players and GMís that challenge and think outside the box. I would love the pleasure of auditing a few games.