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07-14-2012, 09:24 PM
First time playing a caster, I would appreciate feedback on the spell choices I have made. I am a half-orc with the Draconic bloodline and am 7th level.

Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Disrupt Undead

Comprehend Languages
Ant Haul
Enlarge Person
Reduce Person
Burning Hands
Mage Armor (Bloodline Spell)

Scorching Ray
Rope Trick
Resist Energy (Bloodline Spell)
Flaming Sphere (Expanded Arcana)
Invisibility (Expanded Arcana)

Fly (Bloodline Spell)

Other things that may be useful to know

Eschew Materials (Obviously)
Improved Initiative (Bloodline Feat)
Pass for Human (This is for roleplay effect more than anything)
Expanded Arcana
Fiery Burst (which I'm beginning to think makes most of my flame spells other than fireball useless)
(Empty Feat Slot)*My DM gave out flaws for feats. It may be broken but I will take being tone deaf and chattering in my sleep for two feats*

Also, I took my favored class options as +1/2 damage for fire spells. So basically all my fire spells do +3 damage. Next level they will do +4. Also I took Red Dragon so for each die rolled in a fire spell it deals an extra point of damage.

Thanks so much.

08-04-2012, 06:12 PM
Overall, I think your spell selection is universally useful. The trickiest part of playing a sorcerer is the spell selection; since you don't learn new spells from scrolls, your choices have to be made with both the present situation and all future scenarios in mind.

With that said, enlarge person and reduce person are two selections that may not be as useful or helpful as other options that you have bypassed. While those two spells have their uses, spells such as ray of enfeeblement and magic missile are tough to ignore because the ray still does half damage on a successful saving throw while reducing the target's ability to hit with weapons and deal weapon-based damage and the missile is nearly guaranteed damage. However, if your two choices are part of a theme or character concept, I think they will serve you well.

Nick Schaefer
09-17-2012, 05:01 PM
pick up 1 level of Oracle, and take the flame mystery, pick the burning magic revelation, it will increase your fire spells in damage significantly