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07-14-2012, 12:28 PM
Enjoy a new style of gaming where one doesn’t have to rolldice to figure out the outcome of a situation. Also forget the usual dwarf andelf syndrome in fantasy games and play none other but yourself. That is right!Don’t tell me that this is boring or are you going to say YOU are boring? Comeon it can’t be that bad!
Ten Trivia Question (the name I chose for now) is a triviaroleplaying game that takes place at your home and enters a world of ……reality.Yes not fantasy…not science fiction…no superheroes either. You might be askingwhy do that if your intentions is to spend a few hours away from reality. Afterall, it is the whole point ofroleplaying right. To get away?
Well I hate to break it to you but reality will always slapyou back in the face even after you played 18 hours of non-stop tabletoproleplaying with your best friends while downing Mountain Dew and gobbling enoughchips to make the potato farmers in Idaho retire in the first year of business.
The good thing about this game is you will enjoy the manytrivia questions and see yourself grow in the game. Hey a level 20 Human Plumber doesn’t soundbad does it….hmmmm maybe it does…but no one has to know you are a plumber right.Just be yourself and enjoy a unique game for a change while playing your usualDungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or what have you that everyone plays thesedays on the side at this site or at your community.
How to start?
Come to the site at www.tenquestiontrivia.webs.com (http://www.tenquestiontrivia.webs.com/)and ask for GD for further instructions. If this is too much work just leave amessage here or email me at this site. I will get back to you as soon aspossible.
Game: Ten TriviaQuestion
Style: ForumBased
Players Needed: Unlimited
Time Needed to Play:As long as you wish
How to start:Join a free site
Time Begin: Wewill start on November 1st 2012 with the actual game, yet you canjoin the site so a character sheet can be created and we have a forum full oftopics that could start discussions with if desired.