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07-12-2012, 06:47 PM
This campaign throws you into an age-old war that rages between Law and Chaos. For eons they've been fighting across multiple universes. When one side seems to get the upper hand, the other seems to find a way to snatch it. During the war, Chaos had hired a general, Miska, who turned the tide of the war completely. Chaos began to take over the worlds one by one despite Law's attempts to hold them. Finally Law devised a plan to kill Miska, however in doing so a rare and valuable artifact was shattered into pieces. This act stopped the war almost dead in its tracks, leaving both sides striving to find and put the pieces back together.

It is thought that whichever side succeeds at rebuilding the artifact wins the war. Your character has happened upon one of the artifact segments, and in doing so finds them self thrust into the midst of a war many do not know is still raging deep within the heartlands. You must undergo many perils and strive to gather the segments. Choosing to use the completed artifact for Law or for Chaos, is something you will have to eventually decide. May the wind be at your sails as you travel across worlds to rebuild what so many cling to as the only hope to save the universe, or to destroy it.

The Rod of Seven Parts is based on an old AD&D epic campaign of the same name. Though there are many differences, the story still follows the original story. However, within this campaign the characters are given the choice of whether they want to work for Law or Chaos, and in this endevour may choose to switch sides, or anything else they may fancy. Of course, if the players choose to be on different sides, they will have to be convincing enough for each other to work together in piecing the artifact back together, and once it is complete may there be many challenges ahead to return it to whichever side wins.