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07-09-2012, 04:16 AM
Uhhh... Hey.

I'm Justin, I reside in Illinois. I came here because a few years back me n a few friends used to play Dungeons and dragons at the local library once a week, and I miss that. I probably won't be able to do anything in person, since I don't have a car. But I'm willing to try playing online. I've played DnD classic, D20 modern, and Star wars DnD. So I guess that'd mean I am into Fantasy/Modern/Post-Apocalyptic/Future games, but I'm willing to try Super heroes or some others. I like to role play the stories out, become my character. Also, I also enjoy the combat side. The hack n' slash of killing enemy armies, and such. I'm decent at drawing, so I used to always draw my friends n my characters out. Helped me get more into it. Unfortunately, I don't own any of the Books or anything, but I know how to create a character, and if I had help, I could figure it out quickly. I'm a fast learner.

I have insomnia so my sleeping schedule differs a lot and with work, it might be rough going finding a settled time from one game to the next, but if a group was doing it like that. Picking a date/playing/then picking another date, I could possibly be present for most of the games. I'm new to this type of playing-online. If you wanna give it a try, my skype name: Pyro Alpha Male

07-09-2012, 08:31 AM
Greetings. It sounds like you'll fit into most groups having a balance of role play and combat. If your schedule is not consistent then totally give play by post a try. They tend to not be combat heavy, but it's a good time if you can get into it.

I also suggest you grab Traipse/Open RPG and hang around the servers. There's a lot of games recruiting there. I also play a lot of pickup games where people can just jump in or out as they see fit.

Here's the link to traipse