View Full Version : Recruiting: D&D 4e Roll20 Playtest

Joba Tett
07-07-2012, 05:35 PM
So a buddy of mine is going to run a game on Roll20 so we can test out the VTT and so I can see if I like D&D 4e. It's a one-shot. Webcam/mic/headset not needed. Level 1, needs 3-5 more players and I'm playing a Dwarf Fighter. It would be the first Monday after we have enough players at 12PM EST. Please watch this thread to make sure nothing changes without your knowledge. Game room code will be provided by me(by PM) shortly before the game starts. Here's the link for more info(http://s9.zetaboards.com/Mayhem_Gaming/topic/7346482/1/#new), please PM me on the site I linked to.