View Full Version : Online Group Maptools+Skype LF GM

Highway Man
07-06-2012, 09:55 PM
Our group is looking for a new game master.

Most of us have been playing together for over three years now, so it's an established and consistent group. So if you're one of those GMs who has had trouble with players not showing up for your online game (which seems to be a problem) you wouldn't have to worry about that with this group.

Our game nights are Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30am ET. We usually play for about 3 hours on those nights. Playing late night can be rough, but this is the current schedule that nets all the players. Some of us might also be able to swing Thursday nights (around 8-9pm to 1-2am) as well, but there would be far less players.

We use MapTools for our tabletop and Skype for voice chat. We aren't into recording our games for podcasts or anything. It's just way easier having voice chat for online games and we like Skype. We use MapTools because it's easy to use, can be easily adjusted to any game system, and is of course free.

We've played plenty of games over the last several years as a group though most of it was using the Savage Worlds rules system. We had a lot of success with Hellfrost (Savage Worlds), we played a couple Savage Worlds converted Pathfinder games, played a few Star Trek (ICON System) games, and a few other random games as well. There are some games we played once and really enjoyed that we'd love a game master to take over like Rifts (Palladium System), BtVS (Unisystem), and Dragon Age. We also wouldn't mind trying out some games as well like Rippers (Savage Worlds), Battlestar Galactica (Cortex System), Serenity (Cortex System), EABA, and Song of Ice & Fire. There are of course many other games out there and many of them we'd give a shot to though as a group there are some genres, systems, and games we don't like.

If you are interested in giving the group a shot feel free to pm here and we'll work out a night you can gm something to see how it goes.