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07-03-2012, 03:45 AM
Fantasy Grounds is an amazing VTT with great RuleSet support and automation of many aspects of the game making the GMs life much easier. There is an unofficial Convention running from Friday 20th Evening NZ/AUS thru to Sunday 22nd Evening at the other TimeZone Extreme. This is a great opportunity to try out Fantasy Grounds and/or some different rule sets. 11 games were posted up today and possibly some more to follow. There is no cost but you will need to download Fantasy Grounds and a Teamspeak Client and have a Headset/Mic. Fantasy Grounds is a Windows App but many players use various Bottles to run it on Mac or Linux.

Im running an Old School One Shot using Castles&Crusades Ruleset. No knowlege of either Fantasy Grounds or Castles&Crusades is required.

Old School Dungeoneering and Role Playing – One Shot Adventure
Bertis, a local Priest, seeks you out at the Inn and wishes to take you to the village of Haskovo. Graves in nearby villages have been desecrated and livestock has gone missing. The local Lord seems oblivious - he has other issues on his mind and the senior Priest doesn’t want to stick his neck out. Bertis is adamant that this needs to be investigated. Why not – things have been a bit quiet in town lately…
Hey guys. On the weekend of 20/21/22 July there will be an online Con running. This Con will be using the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top. It is not a MMORPG or similar. It is real people throwing dice, role playing their actions and interactions. We use Voice chat and an awesome virtual table top that lets you share images, track tokens on a map and in combat, see the dice throws etc.

After having a 20-25yr break in my gaming and being time poor I found Fantasy Grounds. It is an amazing tool that does a lot of the grunt work for you and lets your role play with real people from the comfort of your own home.

The FG Con has just been posted and 10 games (at various times) have been posted so far. I am running an old school game requiring some adventuring, some sleuth work and some challenging combat scenarios. The game is a one-shot adventure (part of a much bigger scenario) and will have a number of 3rd level pre-gen characters to choose from. The game will run for between 3.5 and 4hrs max - finished or not, so you will need to be willing to play until 130am in this game. There are of course plenty of additional games to play with other GMs.

I have been running an old school D&D game (using the very cool retro Castles&Crusades rule-set) online for nearly 2 years now. We play every second Saturday night at 930pm during winter and 10pm in summer. Timing suits me, and I have players from NZ, Hobart, Melbourne, and a couple in the US playing. We are on our second campaign now - the above scenario was part of the first campaign - which is set in a very large fantasy city where the players are walking a fine line between tracking down clues and not running afoul of the law - while political intrigue and tension is also beginning to influence the game.

I have an Ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds so you can play my one-shot session with a free license. I also have a Ventrillo and Team Speak server. What will you need? You will need a headset and mic, download the latest version of the Fantasy Grounds client and a stable internet connection.

Please sign up here if you want to play: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=819
There are other games, including 4E, 3.5E, Pathfinder, Gurps, Savage Worlds, Dresden Files, Mutants & Masterminds, here: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/
Feel free to ping me with any questions.