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06-29-2012, 02:33 AM
Greetings everyone.
Summer is upon us and I and a friend are working to set up a new group to play 4e. In the past we have preferred Dark Sun based games, but are open to other settings including homebrew. I am willing to DM the game. I have some experience in this regard, but when I DM the game shifts towards combat and puzzles more than time spent in ale houses and other places of social interaction. About 60/40 or so. If someone else would like to DM that is fine.
The main point is that we finally have time to play again and would like to get a weekly game going at my house. I have a dedicated space for DnD, cold beer, and food is plentiful in my area. I miss playing and I miss camaraderie. I could just as easily join a virtual table game but would prefer seeing people face to face.

Play would be in the evenings most often. Mostly on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. As Group members begin to join up then we can set down a definite day. I prefer to try to keep to the same day every week because it makes it easier to ensure that people keep the time open and show up. Also, I have a family and it is easier to justify to my wife not doing something on a given day if there is a recurring event.

I don't mind min/maxers or those who try to milk their character for rp potential. Both styles are equally welcome at my table. I like it when players enjoy their characters versus feeling cheated because the DM didn't allow them to use this or that rule source. That said, if I remain DM and noone else wants the job, I would prefer noone delve deeply into the book of vile darkness in building their character unless you talk to me about it. I'd like for everyone's character to have a reason not to smite the others into oblivion. Conflict can be good though.

If you are interesting in the game, even in a casual sense, email me at tamikeucsd atmark gmail.com

if you look at the map for games Corona, is at the center of a giant ring. I'd like to bring players together at the center. I'll reward those who reasonably of age with good fun, camaraderie, and beer. As a side note, I have kids, so no other substances at the table or around the house please : )

PS. The Mancave will not be infested by said kids. There's a reason why doors have locks!

I have a large selection of miniatures and dungeon tiles. I might upgrade to more fancy dungeon materials (dwarven forge for example) if I get a consistent group of gamers who would like to make a long haul from heroic to perhaps epic tiers.

Characters will mostly likely start at lvl 3, but I am tempted to start with lvl 0 characters and work their way up from regular folks to something more amazing.

Gaming will start in the middle of July 2012 if I can get a few players by then.
Until then, I am in prep-mode in the midwest going fishing and writing papers.

if you are interest in a game in the Corona Area, feel free to drop a line to the above email address or to this thread. Tell me what kind of game you are interested in and if you are super into wanting to DM you can feel free to let me know that as well.

09-09-2012, 03:26 PM
Still looking? Run or play other games? Pathfinder? 3.5 edition?

08-09-2014, 05:33 PM
if you're still looking for new/more people to play i'd be happy to join. any game is fine.