View Full Version : Interested in Call of Cthulhu online?

06-28-2012, 10:52 PM
Hi fellow Investigators and Keepers!

My name is Michael and I am looking to start a regular (weekly, preferably) Call of Cthulhu (BRP) group of around five gamers to play online via voice chat and possibly supplemented with a virtual gaming table. My local pickings are rather slim, which is why I'm looking online. I'm not terribly experienced with the game, but I recently acquired the 6e book and really liked it. Frankly, I'm tired of RPGs where characters are munchkiny "heroes" in a world that exists apparently for the sole purpose of giving the PCs something to either kill or loot. CoC really turns the tables on this approach and I'm psyched to get a game going.

Regarding a group, I'm looking for a few things:

1) Flexibility. That is to say everyone has to be willing to eventually do their fair share of playing Keeper. I say "eventually" so as to not dissuade novices. I expect at first we may only have one or two Keepers (who would be greatly appreciated for picking up the slack at the beginning :D). However, I would like us all to gain a level of comfort fairly quickly so we can cycle Keepers every week, and I want this for two reasons. First, it would that make it a lot easier to play weekly, as every Keeper would have a month or more to prep a session. Second, and more importantly, I have an (interesting, IMO) idea for a campaign format that would not only require us to cycle Keepers, but make playing Keeper just as fun as playing an Investigator.

2) Availability. I would like to play weekly. My schedule is somewhat fluid. Sunday nights would probably work best, though I could probably pull off Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights depending on what time the group would like to play. If you like late games (i.e. 11pm EST/GMT-5 starts), I can do any night. I could possibly work out early days, too, but I think that something Lovecraftian should be played after dark. :) Of course, people in other time zones/countries are welcome to join as well.

3) Maturity. I'm a gamer in my 30s. I respect others and don't use gaming to work out any deep rooted psychological issues. I seek the same in other players. Also, the game may be set in the 1920s, but I don't have any tolerance for sexism, prejudice, or racism. If we can suspend our disbelief enough to play a game in a world where extra-dimensional beings frequently muck about, I think our imaginations can handle the historical inaccuracy involved in treating all people equally. I would think that maturity goes without saying, but due to problems I've had with a particular local gaming group, I wanted to be explicit.

I've created a blog to help centralize my search. I can be contacted through there or by email:


If you're interested, drop me a line and tell me a bit about yourself. Thanks!