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06-23-2012, 08:05 PM
218 Productions is giving out basic copies of the Tribulation core rules for any role-playing group who would like to be a play testing group. We will need to keep track of all groups who would like to be involved. Please email rway219@gmail.com to receive your free copy today! The free copy will have temp cover art only, but will have sample characters and character sheets attached.

What we are looking to get back:
All testers will be asked to send us an email with your feedback. There is no special style to use, no loaded questions to answer, and no restrictions on comments. We do ask that all responses have both positive and negative feedback, and say if you would play or buy the game. All comments will be used to complete the revised edition to be sold at Barns and Noble Amazon.com and Books a Million.

The Legal stuff:
By emailing us you agree honor all copyright laws. Violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
No part of this work can be copied, transmitted, or reproduced in any form or by any means; electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, scanning, recording, or use of information storage and retrieval system (except where permitted by law) without express written permission from the copyright holder. Character Sheets and NPC Mini Sheets can be copied with restrictions: No more than ten total copies, for personal use. Any resale, editing, transmitting; electronic or mechanical and public posting is still prohibited.
ISBN: 978-1-105-82630-6
Art Work: © 2012 by
John N. Ridgeway
Writing and System: © 2012 by
R.P. Ridgeway
All Rights Reserved.
Tribulation® and 1d8® are registered trademarks of
R.P. Ridgeway and 218 Productions.

Now that the lawyers are satisfied, please email us so I can give you free stuff!