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06-23-2012, 03:44 PM
San Diego! We have 4 and sometimes 5 players but our group is suffering from life committments. We can sometimes get only 3 at the table, and we'd really like to add 2 more players to the group so that we have a consisent group for each session.

The details of our game is as follows.

We are working from a generic setting which is quickly becoming fleshed out by all of us in a land that has been devastated by apocalypse in the distant past. Civilizations struggle to remain points of light and magic is not as common as it once was. In the thousand years of a power vacuum who knows what and who has grown in power to dominate the outer wilds? Who knows what secrets the scattered ruins of a once advanced society hold? One Kingdom needs heroes to bring the world back into the light and to hold the darkness at bay. Our world is filled with unknown lands, creatures, and mystery and intrigue centered around the one civilized land and it's enemies. Every ruin could be a dungeon crawl. And every tribe could grow into an ally or enemy. The players seek to find what caused the apocalypse before and prevent what appears to be another one approaching.

Playstyle is cooperative, fun and always is meaningful and ongoing. My committment to the group is to turn the night's session into another session that builds on itself. Even if it means that the mummy lord you killed has to come back and visit you.

We have players who enjoy DMing at times, each of whom present the players a chance to run a different character and different play style. Our format is flexible and centered around player choice, but don't worry, we aren't afraid of a good dungeon crawl either. Within our campaign arc, players can run a brief adventure should they want to try to DM. We are mostly seeking players, or players who wish to DM from time to time.

We have players of many different experience levels so it's ok if you are brand new and ok if you are a veteran, as long as you are flexible and open minded.

Everyone at the table is rather polite and accomodating. We have all kinds of playstyles from the guys who don't tell anyone they play D&D to the people who wear "I Won D&D" shirts around town. Some of us have children, and some don't. We all drink Mountain Dew and one of us is known to put our minis on her cake creations with Beholders in the middle...(No cake making does not help your saving throw).

We keep an updated summary of games and character folio of living/deceased characters as well as a folio of NPCs and Villians within our game so far. Hit me up a reply here and I'll shoot you an email of our game summaries and folios to date.

We playfirst, second, third, or fourth edition depending on the scenario and time and desire collectively of group. We usually stick to one edition for a while and then switch everything over in a session with a shorter game for that night. Currently I'm DMing an Isle of Dread themed adventure in 2nd edition.

For more information see the game intro I'll post below, or any of the other players comments to come.

WE NEED YOU....(to die in our dungeons....)

Thomas (Norecess4u)

06-23-2012, 03:56 PM
The following is a summary from our campaign narrative to date. This is a series of "mini-campaigns" I've run off our larger scoped campaign entitled A Light in the Darkness. This summary can give you a feel for how we run each adventure separately but with a prupose in the overarching storyline. New characters and players can easily fit in here or DMs can also run something in a "min-campaign" as well all within the same group dynamic.

A Light in the Darkness, Synopsis
The Campaign Setting: These adventures are set in a land where many centuries before, an unknown doom destroyed the people and it’s civilizations. Struggling to keep their new budding civilization in the “light”, Cillndar and it’s King Borindin battle against a secretive and unseen force, the Ketian Uprising, and other denizens of the land. With the knowledge that several forces known as “The Three Traitors” are attempting to corrupt, manipulate, and return to power, and that the “End Days” may be coming once more, the heroes each search for answers before it’s too late, and the world becomes Darkened forever. Currently, this is on the brink as the skies Darken, and the denizens of an ancient time seem to be ready to enslave those in the Light again.
Southern Adventurers: The Southern Adventurers began in a remote part of the realm. They began as simple villagers attending a Fair and accidentally became involved in Cult affairs when they were very nearly fed to one of it’s monsters. Later, the Southern Adventurers joined forces with a group of Shield Maidens, known as the Shielded Mothers and tracked down missing villagers into the Ironfang Pass. The Cult’s activities were never brought fully into the light but they did defeat the foul Hag, Hyrdzag, who was obviously one of the elite of the Cult. They were subsequently captured attempting to escape. Their whereabouts are unknown.
Lights: The Lights began as a group dedicated to the King and his service. They started their first adventure following the guidance of Asmodeus, who claimed to have been following a god named Abar. Tracking down a plague through a portal that Asmodeus returned from a distant land, the Lights then sought out Asmodeus on a barge in the harbor. The Lights may be traveling south as part of a larger force seeking to discover why food shipments from the Southern Valley have stopped. Or they may have decided to be elsewhere.
Shields: The Shields also began in the service of the King. Their first adventure involved them tracking down an item for Malorus the Mage, who needed it for his experiments. Little did they know they would be shrunk magically, and have to find their way back through clever means. They sometimes appear doing tasks for the King in other campaigns, and greatly admire the Loyals and the Lights.
The Unit: A group of Legendary Heroes, the Unit is a secret group that meets to decide the fate of the World often in covert ways. Their first adventure involved freeing a Dwarven Kingdom of a terrible unknown peril. The Unit defeated a terrible Colossal Red Dragon giving this Kingdom it’s freedom once more. They are known by their code names, their existence often a mere Story of Legend.
The Dark Lanterns: A secret group sent on the most perilous of missions, the Dark Lanterns are a group sent on near suicide missions with the deadliest of dangers and often find the most amazing treasures. Their recent task was to travel through the Outer Wilds of the East into the Scarred Canyon and find the ancient city of Kasil. Kasil was believed to be the Capital of an ancient Empire before the End Days. The Dark Lanterns first encountered a tomb that led to terrible secrets. Among these were the discovery of an Elven Lord who was somehow able to learn some of the Three Traitors’ secrets of power. They defeated the Wraith that this Lord had become and freed his slaves kept in an ancient underground battle site. The slaves were made to dig and search for various items from the End Days War. Using two small “spheres” that the slaves had excavated, the Dark Lanterns escaped the tomb bringing a huge group of slaves with them to freedom. Using one of the spheres, they made their way out of a gateway with concentric circles. They are currently attempting to return the former slaves to their Elven City of Allietus along the Aluene River.

The Loyals: The Loyals were united by random deeds performed in earnest in defense of his majesty, King Borindin. Hearing of their tremendous loyalty, the King brought them together for the expedition of a Lifetime, to find the ancient city of Tsocanth and return the legendary Daoud’s Wondrous Lanthorn. The King believes an invasive force is coming soon, and is seeking any and all help he can get. He believes the Lanthorn is the key to surviving the times ahead. Traveling through dangerous lands the Loyals entered the submerged city deep within the mountains of the South. They found the Lanthorn but awoke one of the Traitors, Iggwilv. Defeating her for the time being, the Loyals escaped Tsocanth and made their way through an ambush and back to the Known Realm. On route back to Cillandar, the Loyals wound up in Carr Perrin where they became involved in a sinister plot. Some unknown force was kidnapping local villagers and blaming it on a monster named Gobblin Jack. The Loyals felt obliged to eliminate this threat and wound up bringing to light a larger conspiracy to kidnap many others within the lands around Carr Perrin and perhaps beyond.
The Loyals arrived back in Cillandar with the Lanthorn and entered the Challenge of Champions and Battle of Heroes contests becoming famous in the process. After the Battle of Heroes, the King’s son Genoran disappeared during a fight with some escaped creatures under the Grand Arena. Fame brought troubles, as the Loyals were then tracked on a flight back to Carr Perrin to see a new Governor there established. Iggwilv, the traitor, whom they had once thought they destroyed, followed them, but the party was able to thwart her plans to take the Lanthorn. She was, however, able to escape.
Once back in Cillandar, the Loyals investigated a group known as the Harpers who they believed kidnapped Genoran after the Battle of Heroes. The Loyals discovered another disk of Concentric Circles here. They eliminated the Harpers upper echelon members, and then investigated the so called Cult of Zargon which they believed had ties to this group. The Loyals were captured by a pod of Mindflayers using the Cult as a front and taken to the Lair of a Colossal Black Dragon known as Gulgol.
The Loyals have come to realize that Borindin may in fact be an impostor, and that much of what they have been tasked to do may have been at the hands of an enemy. Currently, the Loyals have been implanted with a slug-like creature from the Dragon Gulgol and given a 48 hour sentence to destroy Gulgols’ brood and her enemy Iggwilv. They must travel through ancient tunnels that extend from Cillandar to the island of Xendros where Iggwilv is believed to have laired in. If they do not complete this task within the allotted time, Gulgol has assured them that they will all suffer a horrid death, succumbing to the creature attaching itself to each of their spinal cords, deeper and deeper with each passing hour….
THE CHOSEN: A newly begun group which was called to power during the collapse of the only major religion of the land, the Silver Flame. The Chosen are on a deadly sea voyage in search of the Saboteur who seems to have done the unthinkable and destroyed the Flame itself.