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06-23-2012, 11:34 AM
My friend Gary is promoting a new D&D 5E campaign. Here are the details.

“I am looking to run a game (starting at level 1 and progressing to level 20)
The game I'm going to run is called The Drow Wars. Plot line: The game takes place in the world of Ashtar. The party are descendents of heroes, however they don't know it. They are called the star born. Story Line: The Dark is rising, stop it any way you can. The Adventure: The characters have to use political intrigue, deceit, and there role playing skills to solve the 30 chapters of the story. The game incompass dungeon crawls, city adventures, water travel (Both above and below), planar travel, and of course dealing with the DROW. Lolth doesnt exist in this game, they replaced her with a nice diety named SHE. She makes lolth look like a pussy cat.... The rules: Any classes and races out of the D&D 5E PHB.

I have 4 commitments already looking for 2 more. Do you have the skill to undertake a campaign like this, are you tired of games that feature godlike creatures and godlike players, do you want to try a game that is equal mix roleplaying and combat. Try this game and this group. If interested contact myself at gspepper1965@gmail.com”