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06-22-2012, 07:59 AM
A team of advanced-tech commandos works to slow an invasion from another dimension without giving away their nature to the US military.

For years, Io University and the Io Council behind it have hidden behind a network of front companies, biding their time, advancing their technology and building their membership, waiting for a chance to build a new society in space without losing control to government interference. While they explored the mercenary world of the shadows, they saw that they were not the only conspiracy building towards a world takeover - among them Imperial America, from a world with a very different history. The Shadow War that followed was very quiet but still quite brutal, and Imperial America lost.

Trouble is, a multiple-world-spanning empire doesn't have to fight with spies and mercenary proxies if it doesn't have to. They can just pull out the tanks and armies - and now they have. America (our America, that is) doesn't have the technology to fight them, and Io doesn't have the numbers to fight them. But giving America the technology will splinter their trust - and that's something no one can afford right now.

We need a stalling tactic. We need time. We need you to get that time for us. Most of our trained military are out pretending to be normal mercenaries - sure, better equipped than most, but with cutting edge technology, not the near-future stuff we've kept hidden. You're the rest - special forces teams, operating on your own, with all the gadgets and gizmos that we can't afford our allies to know exists. We need you to hit the enemy in his rear. We need you to slow his advance towards the areas our allies can't spare the forces to defend. We need you to grab working models of his wondrous devices - those flying tanks, the laser rifles - so we can reverse-engineer them and destroy any lead they have on us. But most important of all, we need you to live.

We need every man and woman we can get.

World War Three is a campaign using the Silhouette Core ruleset, the same rules that run Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles. If you're not familiar with the rules, don't worry about it - they're easy to get into and I've taught them before with great success. I will be perfectly happy to teach you the basics and help you make a character; one of my coming projects will be making a few pre-gen characters. If you are familiar with the rules, I do run with house rules, available on the campaign page at http://pdrgaming.wikidot.com/world-war-three .

Game time will be Fridays at 9 PM Eastern Time. I have about three players interested so far, but no hard and fast character concepts, which means plenty of openings.