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06-20-2012, 04:29 PM
Ages ago, when I was in college, I game-mastered a popular campaign using a wonderful, very 1980ish system called LORDS OF CREATION by Tom Moldvay.

The system still works quite well although it carries a lot of unexplained assumptions that were common back in the 1980s but have since vanished into the noesphere, so people who aren't familiar with the geek zeitgeist of that time tend to have problems figuring out to run the thing.

Out of nostalgia, I decided to try the system out with my gaming group, most of whom think of the 1990s World of Darkness as ancient gaming, and it has worked quite well, actually.

Except for one problem: I can't remember how to determine experience points in the system, and like so many systems of the 1980s, it assumes the game master already has his or her own way of handling XP and provides no real guidelines except for how to calculate XP for creatures killed/survived but battled.

I remember there were ways to handle roleplay XP we used back then, and how to handle XP for puzzles and cunning moves, but I don't recall the techniques we used at the time.

I honestly don't recall whether the XP provided for monsters killed/survived is individual per player or is the sum to be divided up by the number of players, and no, the system doesn't tell me because, at the time, the answer would have been considered obvious.

So, I ask my fellow P&P forum posters . . .


Any recall how to handle XP from LORDS OF CREATION or that era in general, or anyone trying it out as an "old skool" experience with techniques to share?

06-24-2012, 10:38 PM
Never mind: I found some ancient notes from that time nearly a third of a century ago and more than half the history of tabletop roleplaying gaming.

So now I know once again how most of us -- or at least how most gamers on the West Coast -- handled non-combat rewards back in the late 1970s and most of the 1980s.

Thanks anyway.