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06-18-2012, 06:02 PM
its me ak47 yes i said i would not be back but that's for chat. not anything else (got tired of the trolls) but to subject.
i am going to start a game using Skype and a dice rolling software site not using chat. 3-5 players.
now about the game.
it is a Final fantasy build. (don't worry i will give u the books, this is not pirating. the books are fan made as what i read of them they are very detailed and well made.) it uses dnd 3.x base for rules and game play.
now for story.
like i said its final fantasy with a little bit of chrono trigger in.
you start out not knowing each other in a fantasy world like any other normal dnd game. it is getting dusk time and u retire into the local inn/tavern. as u go to sleep u have a nightmare that u do not understand as you wake up from that u and rest of your new party are in a small simi open area. with simi seen doors around u a light post in middle with a strange man all dress up in mid turn of century well dressed cloths with a top hat (anyone that played chrono trigger will recognize this place hehehe)
from here is when game truly begins. each door is a old school final fantasy game 1,2,3,7,8,9,10,10-2,11,12,tactics, legend 1-3. adventure, mystic quest, and so on. they guy under lamp is the guide to help u and more mahahahaha i leave that alone. the goal is to go through every door complete the game and move on, but when u go back in area after u complete the game you start back to lvl 1. and lose most everything (this is called the reset) but there are items that are legendary that can mostly resist the reset. they will break but you keep them and can be fixed in the next game you choose. these will be ur ultimate gear, magic, armor, and weapons. after you complete the all doors you will then choose best build u liked out of any doors you completed to be ur final char and add all legendary stuff u collected undamaged and working and face the master boss.
so if this interest you mail me or reply to post.