View Full Version : [Interest Check] Risus Anyone?

Mark Chance
06-18-2012, 10:36 AM
I've got a hankering to run a Risus (http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/risus.htm) game, but who knows if there'd be enough interest to make it worthwhile? I don't know, which is why I started this thread. Here's some more info:

The Set Up
Meckwick was once a prominent wizard whose influence extended throughout the known world. In more recent times, political maneuvering by long standing rivals has ruined Meckwick, and forced him to withdraw from society. Living in isolation, Meckwick has purchased a vacant dungeon and begun plotting his revenge. Meckwick is looking for seasoned adventurers to stock his dungeon with guards and traps and prevent his rivals from making it out alive.

Are you seasoned enough to answer this challenge?

The Game System
I want to use Risus: The Anything RPG. It's free, it's easy simple, and it's narrative, which makes it seem ideal for PbP.

Character Creation
Number of Dice: Characters are created using 10 dice. Advanced Option: Hooks and Tales is in effect. Tales don't need to be two or three pages long, but they should be two or three paragraphs long. I'm also adding Portrait to the list. Post a picture of your character and get another die for character creation. This means you'll have 10-13 dice for character creation.

Cliche Limits: As normal, starting cliches range from 1 to 4 dice.

Advanced Options II & III: The pumping cliche and double-pump cliche options are in play.

Other Stuff
I'm looking for about 4 players. My posting rate is likely to be erratic, ranging from multiple posts per day to one a week, depending on what else I'm doing and how quickly the players post.

After this short, first adventure is done, I may be up to running another short adventure, either for the same players with or without the same characters, or for new players, or for some combination thereof.

I'm not expecting anyone to take this too seriously. It's not about wealth-by-level, keeping track of resources, or any of those other things we get to do in rules-heavy RPGs.