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06-12-2012, 03:33 PM
Due to unforseen circumstances (sharks with babies, dramatic relationships, a flaky Italian chef, a Renfaire based re-deployment, and an overactive currency market) our formerly overfilled table is now looking for players.

Our Deathwatch campaign came to an end 2 weeks ago, since that system is waaaaay too over powered we are moving to something just as exciting and seemingly better balanced (only time will tell).

Currently we have the following at the table:
A GM, he lives games. If there is a new system we are going to play he learns the entire back story and history in 2 weeks, he even reads while pooping. He is always very well prepared and expects the unexpected. An issue with a rule, it gets discussed and he is open to listening to the Devil's Advocates take on it to verify his logic and determine there are no obvious abuses. He is very fair to the players, but also has no issues hitting you with the obvious outcomes of stupid decisions you should make (after being warned). Jumping into lava is bad, bad things will happen.

A kid who has been sitting at the table since he was first off the teet. He has only started to role-play in the past few years but is the resident expert at rolling initiative. Recently he used loaded dice to beat me at Battletech (not really, but luck that day made it seem that way). He is finally getting the hang of interacting with PCs and NPCs and should eventually pan out to be a good gamer. He is the only person at the table with his own action figure. Seriously. He has 100% attendance (living at the gaming location helps).

A guy who looks 20 but is really double that, he is the Devil's Advocate. He can find some of the most insane ways to powergame but always opts to have a niche character that rarely does the normal things well, but does everything else. He can roleplay but often takes a back seat to let others interact (usually forcing them to) so he isn't the only one talking with NPCs. He has 100% attendance. He builds sturdy gaming tables, fixes electronics, cars, and can rebuild your house. It almost suonds like his characters are built like him.....I just noticed this.

We have some part time players:
A guy who has a small yellow pad and transcribes everything the GM says. He has thousands of unpainted miniatures, and hundreds of untouched gaming books. Need your poxed feet rubbed and your herd fed? This is your man.

The lady of the guy above, they are cojoined, when one doesn't show up, neither does the other. She is new to role-playing but is adapting well.

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hide. This is one guy, he used to show up 100% of the time, a switch flipped and now he is Mr Hide somewhere.

Overall we are a good natured group that also plays other games (Battletech every other Saturday, and MMOs) so we are looking for someone, actually two full time players to join our table. We play every Friday from 6:30pm until 2am (or so). We are looking for high attendance from players so the stories can flow, but we do understand the life can sometimes interfere. We are accepting of that, just give some notice (and obviously don't do it every other week).

You can browse some of our adventures here via the prologues: http://sharepoint.northhaledongaming.com
This could be your new seat: 3697

06-22-2012, 09:40 AM
Still looking for two; also added an image of one of the placeholders we are using for the sessions.