View Full Version : The Savage World of Sundered Skies

06-10-2012, 11:30 AM
Looking for a few more players to participate in a weekly game of Sundered Skies.

What is Sundered Skies? Imagine a world that began when another world ended. Now imagine that all that is left of that old world are pieces of earth floating around in a void whose very light can cause madness (at best), horrible mind-breaking mutations (at worse). Finally, imagine that the only way to get around this world is by Airship.

That is Sundered Skies

Don't know the Savage Worlds rule-set? No problem, it's easy to learn and we can get you playing real quick.

We meet on Mondays at around 5pm PST on Google plus. There, we start a hangout to play.

Requirements: VOIP capabilities (a mic and enough bandwidth to support talking) at least. A Camera is helpful, but not necessary.

If you're interested you can PM me here or on Google plus at +Joshua Brumley