View Full Version : Idea: Chat Game Postings

06-05-2012, 07:21 PM
I run a chat game in the PPG chatroom, regularly, as do a few other veteran members, but there is no way to easily allow new chatters to see like a "guidepost" of any kind, to what chat games are currently available and playing or could be joined.

I was thinking it would be very handy to have an area or link on the chat page, that shows while people are chatting, that shows the current "bulletin board" of chat games that are running, or when one will run next, etc. You could make it where the GM has to update it every time before he runs a game, or else it won't show up or something. So when a newbie logs in, he can see a list of chat games and maybe systems and GMs that occur in the chat, or at least a link to such a page, where each GM can post their own info. I know there is already this capability in the forums but those tend to be for forum or normal games - this would be specifically for the PPG site chat-based gamers, to easily connect and find new players, and for new players to find games in chat.

06-08-2012, 09:26 PM
jpat, I presume that you are looking to have this so that you don't have to keep searching, finding and then posting in the regular Find Games in your Area section?

06-08-2012, 11:31 PM
Not for me, I run a campaign in chat but have honestly more players than needed, but I'd like to help other people that may want to run games in there, or newbies that would like to find and try out chat games, more quickly have an easy process for people to learn about one of the online gaming aspects, in real-time, since the games listed would be available, not possibly canceled or abandoned, as many newbies have complained, due to the "last updated" stat. This would be more like a "quick start" or bulletin board specifically for games run by members IN the PPG chatroom itself, guaranteed to be active, to help give newbies and those interested in chat games, a sort of icebreaker to allow them to more easily join and get involved in the community.