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06-04-2012, 04:31 PM
Welcome to The Great Jalmeray Expedition!

You are proud members of the Pathfinder’s Society and have spent a good time training and adventuring through Golarion. Your reputations for being diplomatic and achieving the main Society’s missions of building positive diplomatic ties and acquiring as much knowledge and wisdom as possible through relics have worked in your favor. You have been charged with a special expedition to create a new Pathfinder Society Lodge in Jalmeray, The Kingdom of The Impossible. You must win the respect of not only the government, but the members of the Vudrani nobles, and monasteries. But it isn’t going to be easy.

Basic Information:

System: Pathfinder RPG
XP Speed: PF Fast
GM: Venus De Coy
Gaming Frequency: Bi-weekly
Game Times: 2pm to 8pm
Starting Date: June 10th
Finishing Date: August 26th
Location: Absalom, and the Isle of Jalmeray
Gaming Location: Mountain Mikes 1971 Peabody Road, Vacaville CA

This is NOT a PFS Sanctioned Game, although we will be utilizing a few PFS characters as NPC’s please do not bring PFS Characters to this game, create original characters. We will be also utilizing the Hero Point System with a few changes. Please see the Wiki for more information.

Character backgrounds and sheets will be required to be approved before game starts on June 10th. You will need to submit them either here at Obsidian Portal, or can be emailed to me personally at solanoyolopfs@yahoo.com

We are currently taking signups now for this original Pathfinder game! Signups are open until June 10th and character sheets and backgrounds are due on the same day. You may either signup here, or by emailing me personally at solanoyolopfs@gmail.com