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06-04-2012, 12:47 AM
The campaign is listed on Obsidian Portal under "Spearpoint" and there are a number of wiki pages already detailing the character creation process, house rules, and homebrew setting. It's a tabletop game with a session scheduled every other weekend; sessions last six hours or less. The current roster includes:

41-year old male DM
29-year old (she swears) female player planning a half-elf ranger character
29-year old (she swears, too) female player planning an elf cleric character (or maybe a druid)

None of us smoke, although the gaming table is immediately adjacent to the lanai, and there is a friendly but not hypo-allergenic dog in the house. One of the players is not an experienced gamer so the campaign is starting at first level with the core rulebooks. (Other Wizards of the Coast products will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but the goal is to keep it simple in the beginning.) Other inexperienced gamers are welcome - I've taught gaming to many people over the last thirty-one years. :D

06-06-2012, 10:43 PM
To the Lords now enfeoffed by His Majesty, King Tyben of Galien, fourth of his name, in the lands northwest of the River Drewett and currently known as the Northern Province of the Kingdom of Galien, I bid you greetings.

While I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, know that I have long admired the ambition and industry displayed by you and your ancestors in resettling those lands. I have seen much in the centuries that I have observed the men of your kingdom and I am impressed to see that the courage and honor of your lines have continued unabated for so long. You will need that courage and honor more than ever in the months ahead.

You are no doubt aware that the Northern Province of the Kingdom of Galien was settled once before in centuries past and that those settlements grew into the Barony of Angorn. You are also no doubt aware of the fate of Angorn, destroyed two-hundred years ago by a horde of orcs. What you may not know is why those orc tribes ceased their endless squabbles and united against the men of Angorn. It was not merely due to their savage nature – the barony was too far away from their homes in the Badlands for raiding. Those orcs were looking for something. They did not find it then, but others have found it now.

Many centuries ago, before even I was born, the lands you now occupy were known as Orghar, a mighty kingdom of orcs held together by a line of strong kings. However, even the strongest orc could never have exerted his influence over so many others without assistance – divine assistance. Gruumsh himself, the vile god of those nasty brutes, created an artifact for his chosen king. I do not know the exact nature of that artifact, save that it was a weapon of great power, power that could be felt through Myrna herself.

Even with such a mighty weapon in the hands of its king, Orghar did not survive past four generations. The memory of Orghar has survived, however, and many an orc chieftain has dreamed of refounding that kingdom. The orcs tried two-hundred years ago without their artifact and, although they destroyed Angorn, ultimately failed as their predatory instincts and backstabbing habits reasserted themselves. Sadly, I believe they will try again and soon, for even now I can feel Myrna groan in discontent. The timeless power of Gruumsh has reawakened.

Much as I would have delighted in calling upon your courts in person, I have grown too old and weak for such a long journey. In my stead, I have sent my grandson, Eruaphadion, and several other worthies, all of whom are committed to the battle against the minions of the orc god. The enmity between his people and my own is ancient and deep. I know these young warriors will serve well in the defense of you and yours. May Corellon Larethian the Protector in his benevolence guide us all through these troubled times.

In friendship and solidarity,

Meldarion Nathron