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06-03-2012, 02:53 PM
I just moved to the area, and I'm looking to start a game somewhere between Newport and north Spokane. The setting would be Eberron, the system would be nWoD. Most character types and monster characters are open to play. We can convert darn near anything. Rules are guidelines to structure and creativity, not boxes to check.

If you don't know Eberron, I tend to treat it as a magic based very early industrial revolution with the tensions of the recently ended continental war everywhere. Magic is almost pervasive, and it is being experimented with at the highest levels. Airships and intelligent golems are fixtures. Monsters are people, too, and people are often monstrous. Nationalism and racism are rampant. The political/economic structure is at the crossroads of aristrocracy and merchantilism.

Edit: Allowing for online players as well.