View Full Version : Playsurface Large-Format Multi-Touch Table for RPG's

06-01-2012, 09:54 AM
Hi! Please check out our Kickstarter (http://kck.st/JPgTG9) for an Open-Source Touch Table for games and stuff!


We are interested in any comments people have about how they would use it!

06-05-2012, 07:45 AM
The play surface idea is really a great one! Combining map tools with it makes it even better. I know people who are using projectors and map tools, but they are projecting the maps on a wall. I like the idea of a table top system better, but I would prefer a table top that would be about 5 feet by 5 feet!

06-06-2012, 08:41 PM
Wow that is REALLY cool! :D I do agree with Skunkape though I would want one that's bigger lol