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05-31-2012, 07:52 PM
So I was thinking, what would the Masters of the Universe be like if they were modern supers and villains? Well, this is my take on them, starting with MerMan! (I'll try to use the basic character creation rules from the rule book; may be hard once I get to the magic users, point-wise).

MerMan (20 pts):

Type: Saboteur, specializing in maritime operations

Resistances: Comp 2D Fort 3D Reac 2D Will 2D

Aptitudes: Athleticism 2D, Fighting 3D, Intrusion 3D, Technology 4D (Demolitions)

Powers: Life Support 2D, Summoning 3D (Aquatic creatures only), Water Power 4D (cannot create or control water)

MerMan was once a highly skilled Navy SEAL. His team was investigating an anomaly on the ocean floor when their support ships lost contact with them. When a search party was sent down to find them, all of MerMan's teammates were dead, and he was radically transformed by whatever they had come in contact with.

MerMan found himself able to survive in the most hostile conditions underwater, was able to swim faster than any known animal or craft, and was able to summon the ocean's predators to do his bidding.

The Navy tried to make the most of the situation, using MerMan to spy on and attack naval facilities that were previously too difficult to get to. Unfortunately whatever gave MerMan his new powers also began to drive him insane. Within a year the government was forced to lock him up in a maximum security prison because of his erratic behavior and violent episodes.

Being seperated from the vast ocean only drove him further into madness. When Skeletor, the notorious megalomaniac, learned where he was being held, he raided the prison and set him loose. A perverted sense of loyalty ties MerMan to Skeletor and as long as Skeletor gives him the opportunity to strike against the people that imprisoned him, MerMan is happy serving as his waterborne warrior.

06-02-2012, 08:53 AM
Trying to draw and write in a car stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I35 was a challenge, but dang it, I got another Master knocked out. Introducing....Fisto!

Fisto (20 pts)

Type: Cybernetic brawler

Resistances: Comp 2D Fort 4D Reac 2D Will 2D

Aptitudes: Fighting 3D, Survival 3D, Technology 2D

Powers: Super Strength 4D (Only in his right arm!)

Fisto was an avid outdoorsman who went hiking in the wrong part of the remote Sierra Nevada Mnts. He stumbled across TrapJaw's illegal mining operation. He was captured, interrogated, and once the evil TrapJaw decided he wasn't a threat, tortured for weeks for his amusement and research. To keep him alive through the horrid ordeal, TrapJaw placed cybernetic components in his body to support his basic life sustaining functions.

The Masters learned of the mining operation and raided it. TrapJaw escaped but Fisto was rescued, disfigured and mutilated, but mentally intact with a burning desire to find TrapJaw and stop him from conducting experiments on anyone else. Man-at-Arms replaced Fisto's withered right forearm and hand with the strongest cybernetic construction he could make (and earning him his name!).

After weeks of rehabilitation, Fisto began training in the martial arts, learning how to use his cybernetic arm in combat and testing the limits of his iincredibly durable body. He is a loyal and fearless member of the Masters, but some fear his driving passion to stop TrapJaw will blind him one day to a greater danger.

06-03-2012, 02:13 PM
Home again home again. Time to start doing some real work, but here's two more Masters characters I knocked out in the car.
Ram-Man (20 pts)

Type: Brick!

Resistances: Comp 1D Fort 4D Reac 1D Will 1D

Aptitudes: none

Powers: Super Strength 3D, Super Leap 4D (Are of Effect 1D), Armor 4D

Ram-Man is a long time companion of Man-at-Arms and HeMan. He's ridiculously strong and tough, and is completely lacking in subtlety. Despite his hard headed nature, RamMan is arguably the most honorable and good natured of the Masters. He would never dream of hurting a friend or an innocent person, and even expresses remorse for pounding on he vilest of villains.

Man-at-Arms has secretely confided that he fears the day when he'll have to battle his life-long friend. For all his power, RamMan could not possibly stand up to Evil-Lyn's mind controlling powers, much less Skeletor's magics. He's been working dilligently with Tela and Orko to find a way to shield him from magical persuasion but all his attempts have so far failed.

06-03-2012, 02:14 PM
I'll post some stats for Orko later!

06-05-2012, 01:42 PM
Nice for some "in the car" drawings.

06-07-2012, 10:34 PM
Hey Dustland!

For some reason I've been locked out of my account for like two weeks, which is why I've been abset from these forums. I just wanted to chime in to say that these are really fun!