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05-31-2012, 07:37 AM
Hey all.
We've just got a new group togehter hereint herein the McKinney area and are looking for a solid player or two to join us. We are a role-playing centered group, which does not mean we hate appropriate combat but neither is it a eupemism for odd-ball behavior. We are merely a group of normal people (normal jobs, normal families, etc.) who got tired of hack'n'slash at other tables or the sometimes long drive to other parts of the city to play with other good groups and decided to do our own thing here in McKinney. We our going to begin our group with some Pathfinder rules based fantasy gaming and perhaps spread our wings into some other systems later. We are open to different game types if you join us with some solid ideas as long as your focus, like ours, is enjoying the game for what it is. If a table of relaxed, adult gamers who focus on playing their characters sounds like it might be for you, drop me a line at atraus@aol.com and we can talk about it.